awkwardgturtle: (Patrick Lick)

Awkward Turtle 10:32 pm

My friend sent me a video of RDJ, and he said something that makes me want RDJ/Patrick fic. O.o

kamikazeechoes 10:32 pm


i want Patrick/Tom Hardy.

Awkward Turtle 10:33 pm <--- Start at 7:00. For real.

Or watch the whole thing, It's adorable

kamikazeechoes 10:35 pm

oh my god.

Awkward Turtle 10:35 pm


kamikazeechoes 10:35 pm

Patrick's not actually a butler but it's RDJ...

so he has to help him out.

Awkward Turtle 10:36 pm

He could be.

kamikazeechoes 10:36 pm

he could.

Awkward Turtle 10:37 pm

Just act like one because he's slightly starstruck.

kamikazeechoes 10:37 pm


after the interview, he sees RDJ and is all "i'mnotabutlerbutyou'reso... awesome..."

Awkward Turtle 10:40 pm

And RDJ is all like "...I wasn't joking, though."

kamikazeechoes 10:41 pm

Patrick is just like "oh" really quietly then "i, ummm, have a room? if you want?"

Awkward Turtle 10:42 pm

And RDJ puts on his irresistible adorable grin and goes "Then what are you waiting for?"

kamikazeechoes 10:43 pm

Patrick is kind of in shock as he leads the way to the elevator. he sort of thinks about texting Pete.

Awkward Turtle 10:44 pm

Probably not a good idea, though, because Patrick wouldn't put it past Pete to jump on an airplane and try to stop them.

kamikazeechoes 10:46 pm

Pete's weird like that about him with other guys. Which is stupid, Patrick and Pete have never even dated. Besides, RDJ.

Awkward Turtle 10:47 pm

Right. So he might as well just enjoy his time now and text Pete after. because then he won't risk cockblocking via international travel.

kamikazeechoes 10:49 pm

Pete's supernatural Patrick sense must be tingling anyway because he ignores no less than three texts on the way to the room.

Awkward Turtle 10:49 pm

He turns off his phone before he starts to second guess himself.

kamikazeechoes 10:51 pm

Robert raises and eyebrow as Patrick slips the phone back in his pocket and unlocks the door.

Awkward Turtle 10:54 pm

"Who was that?" Robert asks as he walks past where Patrick was holding the door for him. Patrick turns red. "Friend."

kamikazeechoes 10:55 pm

"Some friend," Robert says with a smirk before sliding back on the bed to the pillows, hands tucked behind his head. "So."

Awkward Turtle 10:58 pm

Patrick bites his lip. "So," he echoes, sort of making his way toward the bed like Robert might eat him.

kamikazeechoes 11:01 pm

Robert smiles easily, patting the bed next to him. "I'm not going to bite, you know. And we don't have to have sex if you're not comfortable."

Awkward Turtle 11:03 pm

"No," Patrick blurts. "I mean, I want to." He crawls onto the bed next to Robert. "Plus, I sort of like the biting."

kamikazeechoes 11:04 pm

"I can arrange that, I think." Robert grins and shifts closer to Patrick. "You'll have to tell me what other things you like."

Awkward Turtle 11:07 pm

"What I like?" Patrick asks, suddenly out of breath. "You could fuck me. I would like that."

kamikazeechoes 11:08 pm

Robert shifts again so he's over Patrick, one hand resting heavy on his hip. "Hmmm, anything else? Just so I know."

Awkward Turtle 11:13 pm

"Um," Patrick says thoughtfully, trying to get his brain to function. "I like being kissed and marked." /Remind me you were here/ is what he doesn't bring himself to say.

kamikazeechoes 11:16 pm

Robert hums, dipping to kiss Patrick slow and almost chaste. "I'd never guess you would. Kissing, yes, but marking..." He runs his fingers lightly up Patrick's chest to rest on his cheek.

Awkward Turtle 11:18 pm

Patrick breathes deeply and nods. "I really do," he assures, then sighs.

kamikazeechoes 11:21 pm

Robert kisses him again, hard and just this side of dirty. "I bet you want it somewhere private, where your friend can't see."

Awkward Turtle 11:23 pm

Patrick moans into the kiss. "I don't care," he says. "It's none of his business anyway."

kamikazeechoes 11:25 pm

Robert pulls back and gives Patrick a long look, a little calculating and a little hazy.

Awkward Turtle 11:27 pm

Patrick shifts a little under his stare. "What?"

kamikazeechoes 11:29 pm

"I think you should talk to him." Robert ducks his head and licks at Patrick's neck. "Maybe invite him if you want to do this again?"

Awkward Turtle 11:30 pm

"Oh," Patrick gasps, rocking his hips up. "Yeah, I could do that."

kamikazeechoes 11:32 pm

Robert hums around a spot high on Patrick's neck, biting gently and sucking on it.

Awkward Turtle 11:34 pm

Patrick sighs, running his hands up Robert's back, tilting his head to give him more room.

kamikazeechoes 11:36 pm

Robert licks the already forming bruise before sitting back to admire his handiwork. "I can see why someone would love marking you."

Awkward Turtle 11:40 pm

Patrick grins. "Pete always said that," he says before he can stop himself.

kamikazeechoes 11:41 pm

"Your friend," Robert says with a smirk, "is obviously a very smart man. I'll never understand how he's kept his hands off you."

Awkward Turtle 11:43 pm

Patrick rolls his eyes. "Yeah, Pete and 'hands off' don't really belong in the some sentence."

kamikazeechoes 11:45 pm

Robert tugs Patrick's button down out of his pants and starts to unbutton it. "Then invite him here now."

Awkward Turtle 11:46 pm

Patrick makes a face. "I think he's in the States. I could call him, though. If you want."

kamikazeechoes 11:48 pm

"Do that then. Tell him to take the next flight." Robert licks and nips his way down to Patrick's chest.

Awkward Turtle 11:50 pm

"Yeah, okay," Patrick says, moving his hips so he can dig into his pocket for his phone and dials Pete's number.

kamikazeechoes 11:52 pm

Pete picks up in two and a half rings. "Patrick, dude, you ignored me," he groans by way of greeting. "You better have a good excuse."

Awkward Turtle 11:55 pm

"I have a great excuse, actually," he says a little breathlessly as Robert continues his his tiny bites. "So where are you and are you busy?"

kamikazeechoes 11:56 pm

"LA," Patrick can hear Pete's shrug. "I'm just sort of bumming around the house. Are you okay? You sound kind of out of it."

Awkward Turtle 11:59 pm

"That's because I'm about to have sex with Robert Downey Jr.," Patrick says as casually as he can when a man is licking his chest. "You can join us if you grab the next plane to the UK."

kamikazeechoes 12:00 am

Pete's silent for a very long moment, long enough that Patrick checks his phone to make sure they weren't disconnected. "You're shitting me. And pranks involving trans-Atlantic fights are against the rules, remember?"

Awkward Turtle 12:02 am

Patrick huffed. "Of course I remember the rule. That's my rule. After that one..." Patrick cuts himself off, shaking his head. "Look, you can talk to him if you don't believe me."

kamikazeechoes 12:05 am

Robert chuckles against Patrick's chest and takes the phone. "Your friend Patrick is very gorgeous," he says in a voice somewhere between Tony Stark and Sherlock. "I'd quite like it if you'd join us." He hands the phone back to Patrick and wraps his lips around a nipple.

Awkward Turtle 12:07 am

Patrick gasps and arches his back before bringing the phone to his ear. "So, yeah. Believe me now?"

kamikazeechoes 12:09 am

"Yeah, fuck, I'm checking flights," Pete mutters through rapid-fire typing. "God, Patrick, I just... fuck."

Awkward Turtle 12:11 am

"I know," Patrick laughs sort of low and wow, he didn't really mean to do that. "Hurry up, though, because we're totally starting without you."

kamikazeechoes 12:14 am

"Yeah, I'm on my way out the door now." Pete fumbles the phone around and Patrick can hear a jingle like keys. "One of you is getting rid of the fucking blue balls I'm going to have."

Awkward Turtle 12:16 am

Patrick hums in agreement. "That's sort of the idea."

kamikazeechoes 12:17 am

"Yeah, fuck, I..." Pete trails off. "I shouldn't drive with you two on the other line, should I?"

Awkward Turtle 12:18 am

"Probably not," Patrick agrees. "You could always flag a taxi, tough."

kamikazeechoes 12:20 am

"Yeah, taxi," Pete says distantly. "Tell me what he's doing. Please?"

Awkward Turtle 12:22 am

Patrick laughs again. "You're bringing these blue balls onto yourself, now. Unless you're going to be jacking off in the taxi."

kamikazeechoes 12:24 am

"I'll pay him off if I need to." Patrick hears Pete yell and a few loud thumps before he's back. "It's not that long of a ride. Talk to me."

Awkward Turtle 12:28 am

Patrick briefly considers pleading for Pete not to do this in public because he doesn't need to get into that kind of trouble again. Instead he sighs, "He's got my shirt open and he's teasing my nipple with his tongue."

kamikazeechoes 12:31 am

Robert's eyes flick up, full of mischief as he pulls back to blow on the nipple and move to the other. "I take it he'll be here in a few hours and I need to draw this out?" He bites down and sucks hard.

Awkward Turtle 12:34 am

Patrick covers the mouthpiece with his hand. "Or you could not and we can just start again when he gets here."

kamikazeechoes 12:35 am

"I can still hear you, Stump!" Pete yells. "And I definitely heard him. I want you a panting and wanton mess, you hear me?"

Awkward Turtle 12:37 am

Patrick rolls his eyes. "You always want me a panting and wanton mess. You'd keep me like that if you had your way."

kamikazeechoes 12:39 am

"Probably," Pete says smugly with an obvious smirk in his voice. "You're still not making with the details. Come on."

Awkward Turtle 12:40 am

"Yeah, sorry if I'm a little distracted," Patrick huffs. "He's switched to the other and it feels fucking amazing."

kamikazeechoes 12:42 am

"Wish I were there." Pete sighs wistfully. "I'd make sure that poor other nipple wasn't neglected for long. Did you tell him about that spot on your collar?"

Awkward Turtle 12:44 am

Patrick blushes. "N-no. Not really. I didn't think you'd want me to."

kamikazeechoes 12:46 am

"Tell him to lick it and bite it and just abuse it." Pete's voice is dark, heavy, and low, enough that Robert blinks up at Patrick.

Awkward Turtle 12:50 am

"Yeah, okay," Patrick breathes, then brings a hand up to pull one side of his shirt further open, exposing his collarbone. "Pete wants you to bite me and lick me right here," he tells Robert, tapping at the spot. "He knows I like it."

kamikazeechoes 12:52 am

Robert stares up at Patrick through his lashes before he moves. It's slow and deliberate and he blows over the spot before biting down.

Awkward Turtle 12:54 am

Patrick arches up and gasps. "Ah, shit. He's... he's doing it."

kamikazeechoes 12:56 am

Robert and Pete both hum, almost in harmony. "Tell me how it feels, come on."

Awkward Turtle 1:00 am

Patrick makes a noise that's caught between a whimper and a moan. "God, it feels awesome in so many ways, Pete. I can't even describe it."

kamikazeechoes 1:02 am

"Try for me, baby." Pete curses under his breath and there's a beep of an incoming call. "Fuck, that's... I have to take it. Be there when I call back, alright?"

Awkward Turtle 1:03 am

Patrick hums. "I'll try."

kamikazeechoes 1:05 am

Patrick hangs up after Pete and tosses the phone to the other side of the bed. Robert blinks up at him again, sucking at the spot. "Well?"

Awkward Turtle 1:07 am

"He had to take a call," Patrick explains. "He'll be back, though."

kamikazeechoes 1:09 am

Robert hums and pulls back enough to work his way down Patrick's chest again. "He wanted you a panting mess, right?"

Awkward Turtle 1:10 am

Patrick swallows and nods. "At every opportunity," he says with a chuckle.





kamikazeechoes (7:01:39 PM): Robert smirks and winks before he sucks gently at a spot just above Patrick's hip bone. "We should oblige him, since he's flying here and all."

Awkward Turtle (7:04:44 PM): Patrick makes a breathy noise. "Yeah, okay," he agrees automatically.

kamikazeechoes (7:06:34 PM): "You're so agreeable," Robert muses, working down to the juncture of Patrick's hip and thigh.

Awkward Turtle (7:15:04 PM): "I usually am when I have someone's mouth on me," Patrick says, trying to even out his breathing.

kamikazeechoes (7:17:21 PM): "Really?" Robert lays his cheek on Patrick's thigh and sighs dramatically, the breath ghosting over Patrick's dick. "But not now?"

Awkward Turtle (7:21:36 PM): A shiver works its way up Patrick's spine. "Not really," Patrick confirms, "because if you keep that up, I'll start getting demanding."

kamikazeechoes (7:23:54 PM): Robert pins Patrick's hips down and licks a long, slow stripe up his cock. "I could like demanding." Patrick's phone vibrates on the bed. "Answer it?"

Awkward Turtle (7:25:04 PM): Patrick curses and fumbles for the phone. "Yes?" he answers when he gets it up to his ear.

kamikazeechoes (7:26:29 PM): "Boarding's in twenty minutes," Pete murmurs. "Should I hole myself up in the VIP lounge bathroom?"

Awkward Turtle (7:28:45 PM): "I think someone might figure something's up," Patrick replies, trying his best to disguise his heavy breathing.

kamikazeechoes (7:30:24 PM): Pete hums quietly and simply listens for a long moment, Patrick's breath hitching every once in a while. "He's blowing you, isn't he?"

Awkward Turtle (7:31:06 PM): Patrick bites back a whine. "A little."

kamikazeechoes (7:32:52 PM): Pete groans softly and Patrick can hear the airport sounds start to fall away. "I'm bringing toys."

Awkward Turtle (7:34:07 PM): "Yeah," Patrick asks, swallowing heavily. "Which ones?"

kamikazeechoes (9:10:11 PM): "Your favorites," Pete mumbles. "Someone could end up tied to a bed for hours, baby."

Awkward Turtle (9:12:48 PM): "It'd better not be me," Patrick warns. "I'm the one that has to wait for you to get here before I get off, per your orders."

kamikazeechoes (9:14:34 PM): "It can be me," Pete says quickly. "You two could leave me on edge for days and I'd probably hardly complain."

Awkward Turtle (9:16:14 PM): Patrick hums. "Are you sure? Because I know exactly what to do to drive you crazy."

kamikazeechoes (9:17:34 PM): Pete whimpers quietly and there's a noise as he changes ears. "Yeah. I mean, I might beg you both to fuck me but..."

Awkward Turtle (9:20:25 PM): "It might be easier to say 'no' with some other support in the room." Patrick reaches down to brush a hand over Robert's shoulder. "It will be hard though. You know how pretty you are when you beg."

kamikazeechoes (9:22:17 PM): Robert looks up at Patrick heatedly. "Saying no shouldn't be a problem. I have a lot of practice." He sucks just the head of Patrick's cock into his mouth.

Awkward Turtle (9:25:45 PM): "Oh, fuck," Patrick breathes, rocking his hips up just a little bit. "Maybe, and Pete is especially easy to say no to sometimes, but..." Patrick lets out a soft moan. "He really is pretty when he begs."

kamikazeechoes (9:27:52 PM): "He's teasing you," Pete says in complete awe. "You're the biggest cocktease any of our friends know and you're--" He cuts himself off with a whine. "Fuck, they're making me board. I'll be back. God, I'll be back."

Awkward Turtle (9:29:31 PM): Patrick chuckles low in his throat, this time completely on purpose. "We'll still be here. Have fun."

kamikazeechoes (9:31:13 PM): "Fun hiding my erection because my Patrick's getting head from RDJ while I'm on the phone?" Pete snorts. "Right. Good thing I brought a jacket. Don't come." He hangs up.

Awkward Turtle (9:33:33 PM): Patrick shakes his head, laughing to himself as he tosses the phone back onto the bed. "He's going to hate me by the time he gets here, I think."

kamikazeechoes (9:35:29 PM): Robert hums and pulls off with a kittenish little lick. "He did sort of ask for it. We'll make it up to him though." He sucks at Patrick's hip again. "Slowly."

Awkward Turtle (9:38:55 PM): "Yeah," Patrick replies, his brain oh-so-helpfully supplying him with the many, many ways he could pay Pete back for making him go so long without release. "You know, if I wasn't on strict orders not to come, we'd be so much further than this by now."

kamikazeechoes (9:42:37 PM): Robert shrugs easily as he spreads Patrick's legs open a little more and ducks down between them. "We could but I sort of like it this way." He drags the flat of his tongue over Patrick's entrance. "Making something last is complicated but very rewarding."

Awkward Turtle (9:44:13 PM): Patrick gasps, unable to come up with a better answer to that beyond a whimpered, "Oh god, please."

kamikazeechoes (9:45:49 PM): "Hmmm, god." Robert blows over the wetness, wrapping his arms around Patrick's legs. "I did get offered the part. This could be practice."

Awkward Turtle (9:47:59 PM): Patrick huffs out a laugh. "I'm sure you'd make a great god. It's tough to beat out Morgan Freeman, though."

kamikazeechoes (9:50:48 PM): "He's a benevolent god." Robert turns his head to bite and suck at Patrick's thigh. "I don't think I could be."

Awkward Turtle (9:53:41 PM): "I don't know if I'd want you to be," Patrick says, rolling his head to the side to stare at the phone, willing Pete's plane to move faster.

kamikazeechoes (9:56:22 PM): Robert catches his eye line and follows it. "He'll be inventive, I'm sure. Tell me what he'd do to you." He pushes himself up enough to look at Patrick directly.

Awkward Turtle (10:00:16 PM): "It's sort of hard to compare the two of you," Patrick says. "He'd be naked long before me, and he'd probably play around my stomach for too long, just because it used to irritate me."

kamikazeechoes (10:02:42 PM): Robert's lips twitch in a smile and he soothes a hand over Patrick's thigh. "I'd have thought that your legs would have had all his attention. And your throat and chest and..." He trails off. "Maybe I'm projecting."

Awkward Turtle (10:04:36 PM): Patrick's face heats up. "Well, he didn't exactly have anything against those, I guess."

kamikazeechoes (10:06:23 PM): Robert hums and ducks between Patrick's legs again. "Your ass, however, might be my favorite part of you after your voice." He darts his tongue just inside Patrick's entrance. "Are we a little more alike now?"

Awkward Turtle (10:08:56 PM): Patrick nods vigorously. "A little," he says, curling his fingers into the sheets. "I just hope you don't end up as possessive as he is. That could be trouble."

kamikazeechoes (10:10:36 PM): "I love to share." Robert presses his tongue in a little harder this time before pulling out. "I like marking though and you've got perfect skin for it."

Awkward Turtle (10:13:56 PM): "Pete doesn't," Patrick says around the hitch in his breath. "I mean, yes to the marking, but he doesn't like sharing even though we were never really..." He waves a hand. "I'm sure he wouldn't even let this pass if he didn't have a massive thing for you."

kamikazeechoes (10:16:50 PM): Robert lifts himself up again, crawling his way up to Patrick's mouth. "He has a massive thing for me?" He slowly licks his way into Patrick's mouth. "How massive? You should tell me all about it."

Awkward Turtle (10:19:50 PM): Patrick moans against Robert's lips. "He tried to keep an Iron Man cardboard cutout on the tour bus one year. I think Andy made him take it down. He thought it was creepy."

kamikazeechoes (10:23:24 PM): Robert laughs, low and throaty, as he moves to Patrick's jaw. "It's a little creepy but I've dealt with far worse from some of my own friends. Keep going," he hums.

Awkward Turtle (10:27:49 PM): "He knows the script of just about every single movie you've ever been in by heart," Patrick goes on, tilting his head to the side, "to the point where I practically do as well, just because I spend so much time around him."

kamikazeechoes (10:34:11 PM): Robert bites gently where a bruise is already forming. "Normally," he says between long licks, "I'd just say he's a film enthusiast but, with the cutout, it's a bit creepy. Still not a thing." He moves to another bruise and bites it. "Go on."

Awkward Turtle (10:37:59 PM): "I think he might have tried to get your number at one red carpet event or another," Patrick continues. "He couldn't get past your security, tough. At least that's what he told me. I can never be sure if he goes through with shit like that sometimes."

kamikazeechoes (10:40:22 PM): Robert pulls back and outright laughs, smiling down at Patrick when he can finally breathe. "He was the 'security threat' that I kept get warnings about, I think. He's tried several times. I wanted to talk to him but my team was sure he was a stalker. He's... determined."

Awkward Turtle (10:41:40 PM): Patrick sighs, shaking his head fondly. "Yeah, that's Pete for you."

kamikazeechoes (10:43:57 PM): Patrick's phone buzzes after a few seconds of them smiling at each other. Patrick snatches it up to find an email from Pete. wish i culd hear u.

Awkward Turtle (10:46:05 PM): Patrick chuckles, then types out a reply. I'll try to be extra loud for you, then.

kamikazeechoes (10:52:30 PM): Robert settles himself against Patrick's stomach, stroking a hand idly over his thigh. "So what's he saying?" Pete sends a fast reply, ur always xtra loud.

Awkward Turtle (10:58:44 PM): "Just wishing he could be here," Patrick replies. You're not exactly quiet yourself, he punches out.

kamikazeechoes (11:01:34 PM): diffrnt kind of loud, Pete replies at the same time as Robert says "He'll be here soon enough."

ecjezl (11:03:17 PM): "Not soon enough for him, apparently." BTW, you might be in luck. I think RDJ might find your stalking endearing.

kamikazeechoes (11:05:18 PM): Robert peeks at the message as Patrick's sending it and smiles when Pete's srsly? comes back. He snags Patrick's phone and quickly types yes, i do and sends it.

ecjezl (11:08:00 PM): Patrick laughs. "I'm pretty sure you're going to give him a heart attack like that." Sure enough, there's a pause long enough for Patrick to fill in a flailing Pete freak out before the reply comes.

kamikazeechoes (11:11:24 PM): Robert grins as he lays next to Patrick and reads it over. sry bio break. plan lands in 1hr. tempted 2 let u get off.

ecjezl (11:14:51 PM): That would be really great, Patrick replies. He's done a pretty decent job of ignoring his straining cock, but its starting to get a little painful. Preferably soon.

kamikazeechoes (11:17:48 PM): ill thnk about it after i get off bb. Robert smirks and takes Patrick's phone again. i think he might try to exact his revenge when you get here if you take too long.

ecjezl (11:19:58 PM): Patrick grabs his phone back and looks at the reply. "I think that might be the idea," he sighs.

kamikazeechoes (11:22:26 PM): i hope so, Pete replies after another short pause, kinda like it. Robert shakes his head a little fondly. "We should make sure he's not disappointed."

ecjezl (11:23:44 PM): Patrick grins a little evilly. "Oh, he won't be. I'll make sure he pays for every second of this."

kamikazeechoes (11:24:54 PM): Robert raises an eyebrow when he pulls back. "I think I might have gotten myself into something I can't get out of."

ecjezl (11:29:41 PM): Patrick's smile softens a little. "Probably," he agrees. "We can get a little..." He flails for a word. "...intense sometimes. But if you ever have doubts, you can just remind yourself that he totally asked for it."

kamikazeechoes (11:32:35 PM): "He did, didn't he?" Robert smirks a little wickedly. "You know, I don't think I've done anything quite like this in a while. Are you... Do you two..." He's at a loss for words for the first time.

ecjezl (11:33:58 PM): Patrick tilts his head. "Are we what? Like, together?"

kamikazeechoes (11:35:52 PM): Robert shakes his head and takes a deep breath. "I get the feeling you two are more..." He flaps a hand. "He seems sort of submissive, I suppose."

ecjezl (11:38:21 PM): Patrick nods. "He is, but only in the bedroom. He says it keeps his head quiet. He sort of needs it sometimes."

kamikazeechoes (11:41:48 PM): Robert sighs in relief and nods. "I understand what he means. It's like a temporary off switch." He lays against Patrick's stomach again and strokes his cock lazily.

ecjezl (11:44:51 PM): Patrick jerks his head up in surprise. "Wait, you've..." Patrick takes a breath. He's not used to talking about sex so casually with anyone but Pete. "You've... subbed before?"

kamikazeechoes (11:48:07 PM): Robert nods, forcing himself to stop his hand. "I switch, or at least used to. It's been a while since I was with anyone though. I don't really belong to a.. a scene."

ecjezl (11:49:21 PM): "Oh," Patrick says, rubbing the back of his neck. "I've never really been on the sub side. Probably because I only really do this with Pete."

kamikazeechoes (11:52:05 PM): "You two are lucky to have each other," Robert says very seriously. "Some people have to split their lives because of it." He grins and catches Patrick's lips. "For what it's worth, I can't wait to play with you two."

ecjezl (11:56:50 PM): Patrick brings his hand to Robert's cheek as they kiss, dropping it only when they fall apart. "I can't wait either. It will be well worth the wait, I think."

kamikazeechoes (11:59:30 PM): "Flirting with you might have been the best decision I ever made." Robert tangles their fingers briefly before darting his hand to Patrick's phone the moment it buzzes.

ecjezl (12:02:15 AM): Patrick lets out a frustrated sigh when he is just barely too slow to grab his phone. "Come on, what did he say?"

kamikazeechoes (12:04:40 AM): "Let's see... 'Plane's supposed to land in half an hour. You should fuck then we should get dinner once I land.'" Robert blinks. "I didn't think he'd actually let you before he was here."

ecjezl (12:06:29 AM): Patrick lets out a sigh of relief. "Yeah, well he's a lot less cruel than he pretends to be sometimes."

kamikazeechoes (12:08:37 AM): "Good to know." Robert rolls on top of Patrick and grinds their hips together. "I hope that doesn't mean you'll go easy on him."

ecjezl (12:09:40 AM): Patrick moans, lifting his hips to meet him. "Not a chance. He has a long time to make up for."

kamikazeechoes (12:11:29 AM): Robert bites his lip, leaning down to lick over Patrick's mouth. "How long do you think he could take it?"

ecjezl (12:13:19 AM): "I've kept him going for a good six hours before," Patrick says. "He probably could have taken more, but it was getting sort of late and I still had a curfew back then."

kamikazeechoes (12:15:24 AM): Robert groans, rolling his hips hard. "You had a curfew when you started doing this? Just how long have you been together?" He bites at a bruise on Patrick's neck.

ecjezl (12:19:43 AM): Patrick moans again, a little softer this time. "A little over nine years," Patrick admits. "I was sort of just this side of legal in Illinois. In fact, I think it was the day after my seventeenth birthday when he first begged me to dominate him. Scared the shit out of me back then."

kamikazeechoes (12:22:18 AM): "I can only imagine, if you were friends before." Robert nuzzles at his neck with something like wonder in his voice. "Had you even had sex before he asked? With anyone?"

ecjezl (12:24:42 AM): Patrick's face turns red. "Not really. I had tried before then, but I... didn't really last long enough for it. Pete was my first real experience."

kamikazeechoes (12:26:54 AM): Robert sighs wistfully and wraps his arms around Patrick's waist. "I think you two become more adorable by the minute. You should tell me more after this." He wraps his hand around Patrick's cock and jerks him fast.

ecjezl (12:28:33 AM): Patrick throws his head back and groans, bucking up into his fist. "Oh, fuck. Oh..."

kamikazeechoes (12:29:46 AM): "I thought he might appreciate if we save fucking for later," Robert says low in Patrick's ear.

ecjezl (12:32:00 AM): Patrick pumps his hips and whines, though he can't exactly disagree.

kamikazeechoes (12:33:18 AM): Robert takes Patrick's hand and wraps it around his own cock, bucking into the fist with a groan.

ecjezl (12:34:26 AM): Patrick leans his head up to catch Roberts lips in a kiss, his hands moving automatically to what he knows Pete likes.

kamikazeechoes (12:37:11 AM): Robert moans into Patrick's mouth and adds a twist to his wrist. He swipes his thumb over the head and slit.

ecjezl (12:38:38 AM): Patrick arches off the bed. "Oh, god," he gasps, "almost there. So close..."

kamikazeechoes (12:42:46 AM): Robert licks along Patrick's jaw before finally biting down behind his ear. "Come for me."

ecjezl (12:44:52 AM): Patrick lets out a cry and comes hard in Robert's hand. He barely waits until he comes down from his orgasm to continue jerking Robert off, panting in his ear.

kamikazeechoes (12:47:22 AM): Robert wraps his still sticky hand over Patrick's, moving both faster. His breathing hitches and he comes with a half-stifled groan, shaking and panting.

ecjezl (12:49:55 AM): Patrick lets his head fall back to the pillow, dragging Robert with him into a soft kiss.

kamikazeechoes (12:51:02 AM): Patrick's phones buzzes and rings against the bed but neither manage to reach it before it stops.

ecjezl (12:53:16 AM): Patrick looks over at his phone and smirks. "Let him wonder for a second," he says. "He deserves it." The phone buzzes again almost immediately.

kamikazeechoes (12:55:02 AM): "You're a little evil," Robert slurs fondly. "I like it." The phone stops buzzing then starts again.

ecjezl (12:57:45 AM): "I can't be an angel all the time," Patrick says, reaching for the phone as it stops ringing and starts again, almost seamlessly this time. "Okay, that's enough."

kamikazeechoes (1:00:49 AM): "Patrick," Pete groans as soon as he answers. "Patrick, tell me he fucked you or you fucked him or something. Please."

ecjezl (1:01:43 AM): Patrick hums into the phone. "Maybe. Did you just land?"

kamikazeechoes (1:03:01 AM): Pete moans quietly. "Yeah, I found an empty bathroom to jerk off in."

ecjezl (1:05:08 AM): "Cool," Patrick says, still smirking. "Where did you want to meet up for dinner?"

kamikazeechoes (1:11:02 AM): "You two pick." Pete curses under his breath. "I'm really distracted right now."

ecjezl (1:13:26 AM): "Ah," Patrick says casually, running his finger through the dip in Robert's back. "So you're jerking off right now. You're thinking about us fucking, right? Or are you thinking about what's going to happen when you get here?"

kamikazeechoes (1:16:35 AM): "Thinking about you fucking," Pete mumbles, ending in a hiss. "You should tell me what he's like. Did he go fast or slow?"

ecjezl (1:19:13 AM): "I don't know if I should tell you," Patrick drawls, his lips curling impishly. "I wouldn't want to interrupt your valuable time with your right hand. I could just hang up while Robert and I figure out some place to eat."

kamikazeechoes (1:20:45 AM): "No," Pete says quickly. "If you hang up, I swear I'll... I'll... I'll fucking figure it out! Just don't hang up."

ecjezl (1:23:02 AM): Patrick scoffs. "You really want to threaten me after you kept me hard and aching for that long? I really don't think you know what you have coming to you, Wentz."

kamikazeechoes (1:26:22 AM): Pete moans loudly. "I fucking hope so. I've been gagging for a repeat of that one night in the van with a bed. You told him, right? About how we are?"

ecjezl (1:28:29 AM): Patrick's tone softens just a little. "Yeah. He seems sort of familiar with the idea, so it didn't freak him out as much as I thought it would."

kamikazeechoes (1:31:28 AM): "He what?" Pete breathes. "You mean Robert Downey fucking Jr. has..." He makes a quiet noise. "No fucking way."

ecjezl (1:32:24 AM): "That's what I said," Patrick chuckles. "Pretty awesome, huh?"

kamikazeechoes (1:34:08 AM): "Pretty hot is more like it." Pete whines. "Look, I need to get off before my balls turn permanently blue. Text me the place?"

ecjezl (1:34:42 AM): "Of course," Patrick agrees. "Have fun with that."

kamikazeechoes (1:35:55 AM): "I want you to make me scream later," Pete mutters before hanging up.

ecjezl (1:37:35 AM): Patrick rolls his eyes before throwing his phone to the bed once again. He looks up at Robert. "Looks like we're going to have to find some place to eat because Pete is too busy jacking off."

kamikazeechoes (1:40:09 AM): Robert smiles around a yawn. "If I were him, I'd do the same thing." He considers for a moment. "I suppose I might have tried to fly out faster somehow."

ecjezl (1:41:52 AM): "Knowing Pete, he probably spent half the flight in the cockpit screaming at the pilot," Patrick says, reaching to the bedside table for a phonebook or something.

kamikazeechoes (1:43:56 AM): "I hear they don't let you do that anymore," Robert says with a hum as Patrick comes back with a directory. "Something about distractions."

ecjezl (1:46:03 AM): "In that case, we're lucky he didn't wind up in jail," Patrick says, flipping through the directory. "He's nothing if not persistent."

kamikazeechoes (1:47:52 AM): Robert snuggles more into Patrick's side. "Persistence can pay off. I know from experience. Anything jumping out?"

ecjezl (1:50:39 AM): "It can also get you a restraining order." Patrick makes a face at the directory. "There's a couple I wouldn't mind checking out." He points to one. "This one is sort of halfway between the airport and us, so it could work."

kamikazeechoes (1:57:08 AM): "Jude never gave me a restraining order. Pete has the right idea." Robert untangles himself and stars to gather their clothes from to floor before frowning. "We may want new clothes, depending on the restaurant."

ecjezl (1:59:14 AM): Patrick glances back at the directory. "It doesn't look terribly fancy, but if it makes you feel better we can... Wait, Jude?"

kamikazeechoes (2:00:53 AM): "Yes, Jude." Robert frowns at Patrick, head tilting to the side. "We thought we were rather obvious and Guy sort of encouraged it."

ecjezl (2:03:49 AM): Patrick smiles and shakes his head. "I know, I just... I didn't think you would have had to be persistent. You two just sort of... fit."

kamikazeechoes (2:05:07 AM): Robert smiles a little fondly. "You'd be surprised by how straight he thought he was at first. It would have been cute if it weren't so frustrating."

ecjezl (2:08:15 AM): "Yeah, been there," Patrick replies. "Bob said he felt like his image sort of screamed 'straight guy'. It didn't take me long to break him of that, though. I guess I have fanfiction to thank."

kamikazeechoes (2:11:28 AM): Robert chuckles. "He and Jude could start a club." He glances around the room carefully. "This will... probably sound weird, but I can't find my pants. Could I borrow a pair?"

ecjezl (2:12:48 AM): Patrick laughs, then points to his suitcase leaning against the wall. "Sure. They should be in that one."

kamikazeechoes (2:14:05 AM): Robert tosses his armful onto the bed before digging through. Instead of jeans, he pulls out a rather large vibrator. "Planning to have fun?"

ecjezl (2:16:36 AM): Patrick turns bright red before he can stop it. "Maybe I was. I wasn't really expecting to have company."

kamikazeechoes (2:18:28 AM): "I think we should save it for Pete. I bet he'd look gorgeous writhing on it." Robert hums to himself as he finally pulls out a pair of jeans. "I think these will fit."

ecjezl (2:19:51 AM): "He will," Patrick confirms as he picks up the phone to text Pete the location of the restaurant. "He has before."

kamikazeechoes (2:21:57 AM): Robert forgoes his boxers and shimmies his way into the jeans. "Does he wear jeans as tight as these too?"

ecjezl (2:23:26 AM): Patrick looks up from his texting to get a good look at the snug-fitting jeans. "Tighter, if he can swing it."

kamikazeechoes (2:25:48 AM): Robert looks himself over in a nearby mirror. "We should take advantage of that." He frowns and adjusts himself through the jeans. "How you haven't lost blood flow to your lower halves is a mystery."

ecjezl (2:27:45 AM): "It's a skill," Patrick says, sending the text. "Though I've gotta say, you look better in those jeans than I do."

kamikazeechoes (2:32:18 AM): "You don't do yourself or your ass justice." Robert starts to pull on his shirt as well. "You may want to get dressed soon."

ecjezl (2:35:05 AM): "Probably," Patrick says, scooting to the end of the bed in search of his boxers. "I've never really gotten a good look at my own ass, but I'm not sure that the rest of me is much to look at."

kamikazeechoes (2:36:51 AM): Robert looks over at him incredulously. "I offered to sleep with you in the middle of an interview. You're plenty to look at and, if we weren't supposed to meet Pete, I'd show you."

ecjezl (2:39:13 AM): Patrick focuses on pulling up his jeans, hoping it will hide the flush creeping into his cheeks again. "I'm still hoping no one I know watches that interview and figures out it's me you're talking about. I'd never hear the end of it."

kamikazeechoes (2:44:08 AM): Robert crowds Patrick from behind, running a hand up his thigh. "I hope they ask if it was serious." He drifts across the front of Patrick's jeans. "You should tell them about how you charmed me into your bed."

ecjezl (2:48:00 AM): Patrick melts back against him, his eyes fluttering closed. "I think that would be exaggerating a little bit on my part. Tripping over myself to help you like a starstruck idiot isn't exactly the finest form of seduction."

kamikazeechoes (2:50:33 AM): "Maybe not," Robert mutters, stroking Patrick gently through the pants, "but it was effective. I'd pin you against a wall even if you'd just looked at me a certain way." He bites gently at Patrick's ear. "Maybe we should stop."

ecjezl (2:53:04 AM): Patrick nods, even though his dick is already twitching to life in his jeans. "That's probably a good idea. We might be late for lunch and Pete would definitely have questions."

kamikazeechoes (2:55:06 AM): "Not like he wouldn't know the answers." Robert gives him one last squeeze before pulling away. "Are we taking a car there? I would suggest it."

ecjezl (2:56:54 AM): Patrick nods before he pulling his shirt on. "Yours or mine?"

kamikazeechoes (2:58:05 AM): "Yours. Mine would be too obvious." Robert grabs his jacket and pulls out a pair of sunglasses. "Lead the way."

ecjezl (2:59:56 AM): Patrick tugs a hat on and heads toward the door, pausing only to hold the door open for Robert. Okay, so maybe he's still a little starstruck.

kamikazeechoes (3:01:24 AM): Robert barely notices as he puts the sunglasses on and heads for the elevators. "I don't think I ever asked why you were here."

ecjezl (3:04:56 AM): Patrick closes the door softly behind him, shrugging. "I've sort of spent the last year or so cooped up in my house and the studio writing and recording for my album, so I figured I'd go somewhere else for a bit while I put it together."

kamikazeechoes (3:07:11 AM): "Makes sense," Robert says with a nod, pressing the button to call the elevator. "With the hiatus and--." He cuts himself off and looks anywhere but at Patrick.

ecjezl (3:08:58 AM): Patrick's jaw more or less unhinges itself. "What did you just say?"

kamikazeechoes (3:09:49 AM): Robert doesn't say another word as he steps in when the doors open.

ecjezl (3:12:03 AM): Patrick scrambles in after him. "No, wait, I'm not freaked out or anything I just didn't... I didn't know you knew about me."

kamikazeechoes (3:13:39 AM): "Only what my son mentions, really." Robert still won't look him in the eye. "I wasn't sure it was really you. I honestly thought you were a butler."

ecjezl (3:16:23 AM): "Hey, no, it fine," Patrick says, waving a hand. "You were just really good at hiding it, that's all. It's not like I was acting like I was in a multi-platinum band either."

kamikazeechoes (3:18:33 AM): Robert grins and glances at Patrick briefly. "You'd make an amazing actor if you really wanted to explore it. After your album release, I mean."

ecjezl (3:20:06 AM): Patrick shrugs and stuffs his hands into his pockets. "I've maybe looked into it. I don't know if I can, though. Touring takes up a lot of time, you know?"

kamikazeechoes (3:22:00 AM): "I'd help you with anything you needed. All you'd have to do is call." Robert hums as the doors open. "I'm sure we could find a coach to tour with you."

ecjezl (3:23:51 AM): Patrick smiles shyly. "That... would be pretty great. I might just take you up on that."

kamikazeechoes (3:26:48 AM): "We'll start looking as soon as possible then." Robert strides into the lobby towards the parking garage. "Come on, we should hurry."

ecjezl (3:27:40 AM): Patrick nods and scurries after him, leading him in the direction of his car.

kamikazeechoes (3:28:44 AM): Robert raises an eyebrow at the hybrid but doesn't say anything as he gets in.

ecjezl (3:31:32 AM): Patrick pretends he didn't catch the look as he slips into the driver's seat and heads in the general direction of the restaurant.

kamikazeechoes (3:35:31 AM): Patrick gets a text less than a block from the restaurant. here, got table. need u now. culdnt get off. He doesn't notice the light change until Robert taps him.

ecjezl (3:38:55 AM): "Sorry," Patrick says, trying not to choke on the word. He tries to ignore how his dick has taken a keen interest in the text. He's always sort of gotten off on Pete needing him.

kamikazeechoes (3:44:04 AM): "Tell me what he said," Robert murmurs when they reach another red light. He presses his palm into the obvious bulge in the front of Patrick's jeans. "It must have been just right."

ecjezl (3:46:56 AM): Patrick hisses as he takes in a breath. "He said he couldn't get off, and that he needs me." He chews on his lips for a second before adding, "Also, he's there and has a table."

kamikazeechoes (3:49:46 AM): "I hope he managed to find one where we won't be interrupted." Robert removes his hand just as the light changes. "We should have him begging for it before we even leave."

ecjezl (3:51:25 AM): Patrick glances over to Robert briefly, smirking. "I like the way you think," he says as he pulls into the parking lot.

kamikazeechoes (3:55:57 AM): Robert lets him lead the way in and they find Pete tapping a foot nervously near the back. His jaw drops when he sees Robert. "Holy shit."

ecjezl (4:00:11 AM): Patrick beams at him a little. He totally earned it, what with the seducing Robert Downey Jr. "Hey, Pete," he greets as he takes a seat.

kamikazeechoes (4:01:42 AM): "Patrick," Pete stage-whispers, fighting to keep a moan out of his voice. "It's really him. I've been jerking off to him longer than I've been jerking off to you."

ecjezl (4:03:29 AM): Patrick laughs at him. He can't help it. "Yeah, I know. You're not really subtle, plus I shared a van with you for most of my teenaged life."

kamikazeechoes (4:05:36 AM): Pete's shaking his head vigorously. "Patrick, I can't do this. I don't know how to handle this." He shifts and gestures vaguely. "Please sit."

ecjezl (4:08:54 AM): Robert sits next to Patrick and in front of Pete as Patrick makes a face. "You had better not be backing out on me after I dragged you across the Atlantic for this."

kamikazeechoes (4:17:15 AM): "No way in hell," Pete grins then pulls a face. His eyelashes flutter and he makes the tiniest whimper. "Okay, yeah, doing this no matter what. Oh my god."

ecjezl (4:18:49 AM): "Good." Patrick grabs a menu and starts skimming it. "So how was your flight?" he asks conversationally.

kamikazeechoes (4:20:23 AM): "Good, full of blue balls but no turbulence." Pete's fist clenches and unclenches on the table. "Please tell me it's going to be a long night."

ecjezl (4:22:01 AM): "I don't know," Patrick says, evil smirk returning. "I could just decide I'm tired."

kamikazeechoes (4:24:25 AM): "Don't even joke like that." Pete outright moans but quietly. "Do you have any idea how long a trans-Altantic flight feels when you have an intense need to be pounded into a surface? Very."

ecjezl (4:25:38 AM): Patrick chuckles, running a foot up Pete's leg. "Don't worry. I won't fall asleep on you."

kamikazeechoes (4:27:07 AM): Robert seems to be concentrating on his menu but he presses a little harder against Pete's dick. "I'll make sure he doesn't."

ecjezl (4:29:38 AM): Patrick watches Pete clamp a hand over his mouth to suppress a sound, taking pleasure in the effects of their double teaming. He lets up only a little when the waitress comes around.

kamikazeechoes (4:31:44 AM): "Hello, gentleman. What can I get to start you off with? Drinks or appetizers?" There's no flicker of recognition on her face at all as she smiles at Patrick. "Are you ready to order?"

ecjezl (4:33:08 AM): Patrick smiles brightly back at her. "Absolutely." He nudges Pete with his foot. "Pete, why don't you go first?"

kamikazeechoes (4:35:25 AM): Pete gives him the most lustful and betrayed look he can muster. "Water, lots of ice, house salad, caesar dressing," he says in a rush.

ecjezl (4:37:30 AM): Patrick bats his eyelashes at him innocently, then glances down at his menu. "I'll have your alfredo with water as well. Robert?"

kamikazeechoes (4:39:28 AM): "I think I'll have the same. Alfredo and water, with a little side salad." The waitress smiles brightly before she collects their menus and leaves.

ecjezl (4:42:27 AM): Patrick immediately goes back to the molestation of Pete's leg. "You really shouldn't give looks like that in front of the waitress. It's indecent."

kamikazeechoes (4:44:31 AM): "She's far too young and innocent to be exposed to it," Robert agrees, dragging his foot up Pete's thigh slowly. "You'll scare her off."

ecjezl (4:46:20 AM): "But you wouldn't know much about decency to minors, would you, Pete?" Patrick asks sadly. "Someone really should teach you these things."

kamikazeechoes (4:50:35 AM): Pete makes a breathy little whimper. "Please stop before I come in my pants." He arches into it as soon as a foot presses against his cock again.

ecjezl (4:51:47 AM): Patrick raises an eyebrow, not relenting in the slightest. "I thought you wanted to come."

kamikazeechoes (4:53:58 AM): "Don't want to embarrass myself like this." Pete's eyes go a little glassy at the thought like he'd love nothing more.

ecjezl (4:56:52 AM): Patrick smirks, working his way to Pete's thigh. "I'm not convinced. You get off on attention, Pete. I think you want all these people to know. You want them to know what we're doing to you right now."

kamikazeechoes (4:59:33 AM): Pete lets out a shuddering sigh as Robert eases his legs open wide. "I think the real test would be to see if you can come without a single person noticing. Not even the waitress."

ecjezl (5:01:57 AM): Patrick gives Robert a sidelong glance, his sly grin still plastered across his face. "I don't think he could. He can get pretty loud."

kamikazeechoes (5:05:26 AM): Robert tsks and kneads at Pete's dick. "How unfortunate. We'd have to leave." He sighs and glaces at Patrick. "If only we could gag him."

ecjezl (5:07:52 AM): "Yeah," Patrick agrees with a pout. "It'd be too obvious at this point." He moves his foot to the inside of Pete's thigh, brushing up against Robert in the process.

kamikazeechoes (5:10:46 AM): Robert shivers slightly but otherwise hides it. "Maybe we should have stayed at the hotel and gotten room service." He hums thoughtfully. "We could get dessert when we get back."

ecjezl (5:12:01 AM): "Sounds good to me," Patrick says cheerily. "What do you think, Pete?"

kamikazeechoes (5:13:00 AM): Pete rocks his hips up, biting his lips hard. Good," he squeaks out.

ecjezl (5:15:14 AM): "Great," Patrick says, dropping a hand to Robert's thigh. "It's settled, then."

kamikazeechoes (5:19:41 AM): Robert's legs fall open easily as the waitress returns with their drinks. "Your food will be done in a minute."

ecjezl (5:21:51 AM): "Thank you, ma'am," Patrick says and smiles up at her innocently, taking a drink from his water with is free hand.

kamikazeechoes (5:24:28 AM): Pete bites his lip harder until she turns and walks away. "Please," he whimpers, "pleasepleaseplease."

ecjezl (5:25:05 AM): Patrick slows his work on Pete's thigh. "Please what? Please stop? Or please make you come in front of all these people?"



kamikazeechoes 9:52 pm

"Let me come," Pete blurts quietly, legs opening wider as he scrapes his nails at the table. "I'll last so much longer for you later, you know that. Just... please?"

Awkward Turtle 9:54 pm

Patrick sighs and looks over at Robert. "I don't know. Should we let him? He did try to keep me hard for hours."

kamikazeechoes 9:57 pm

Robert hums to himself. "He did, didn't he?" He manages to wiggle a toe just behind Pete's balls and press lightly at the spot. "I think we should see if he can do it without anyone figuring it out."

Awkward Turtle 10:00 pm

"Sounds good to me," Patrick says with an evil grin. "Fine. You can come, but if you make one noise or we get one suspicious look, you get nothing tonight."

kamikazeechoes 10:02 pm

Pete nods vigorously, biting his lip as their waitress comes back with their plates. "Here you are, gentlemen." She sets each meal down in front of the correct person. "Anything else I can do for you?"

Awkward Turtle 10:03 pm

"I think we're okay," Patrick says sweetly. "What about you, Pete?"

kamikazeechoes 10:04 pm

"I'm fine," he says in a voice fairly close to normal. It only strains a little. "Thanks for asking."

Awkward Turtle 10:04 pm

Patrick is suitably impressed and turns back to the waitress. "That will be all, then."

kamikazeechoes 10:09 pm

She smiles and walks away again. Pete digs immediately into his salad, practically drowning it in dressing.

Awkward Turtle 10:12 pm

As soon as the waitress is out of earshot Patrick leans over the table a little, talking in a low voice. "You're going to come now and no one is going to know about it. Got it? Do it before I change my mind."

kamikazeechoes 10:14 pm

Pete stares at Patrick, his dick twitching and aching in his jeans. "Yes," he says quietly, trying to control his breathing. "Will either of you touch me? Please?"

Awkward Turtle 10:16 pm

Patrick gives Robert a quick glance before casually twirling his pasta around his fork. "If you feel he deserves it, you may do the honors."

kamikazeechoes 10:18 pm

Robert considers Pete for a long moment, dragging his foot idly up and down Pete's leg. "Well, you have tried so hard to meet me. I suppose I could."

Awkward Turtle 10:20 pm

"Please," Pete whispers, his eyes darting around to see if anyone is watching or shows any signs of knowing. "Please. I need..."

kamikazeechoes 10:22 pm

"I know what you need." Robert presses his foot solidly against Pete's cock. "Go on, come for us. Right now."

Awkward Turtle 10:25 pm

Pete snaps his eyes and mouth shut, swallowing his moan when he comes. The only outward sign of what just happened was his trembling and white-knuckled grip on the edge of the table.

kamikazeechoes 10:27 pm

They all continue eating as if nothing happened, though Pete's hands are shaky through the meal. The waitress comes back towards the end, smiling still. "Will that be all for you? Would you like the check?"

Awkward Turtle 10:28 pm

"Yes we would," Patrick tells her. "Unless you two want to stay a while."

kamikazeechoes 10:38 pm

"Not really," Pete mumbles, pushing around his salad to cover his blush. "Starting to feel a little jet lagged."

Awkward Turtle 10:39 pm

Patrick just shrugs. "Okay, we'll take the check, then."

kamikazeechoes 10:41 pm

She briskly pulls a black leather tray fold with the receipt peeking out from her apron. "Just signal me when you're ready to pay."

Awkward Turtle 10:43 pm

Patrick immediately reaches out and takes it. "Will do," he says to her, then smiles at Robert. "This meal's on me."

kamikazeechoes 10:45 pm

"I'll get the next one," Pete says immediately. His face contorts a little as he shifts. "We should really go, I decided to forgo some things when I left."

Awkward Turtle 10:47 pm

Patrick rolls his eyes, but he signals the waitress and pays, tipping her fairly high for what she didn't realize she just endured.

kamikazeechoes 10:48 pm

They finish off what they can of their food quickly, not bothering with boxes for the rest. Pete practically runs out to Patrick's car when he can.

Awkward Turtle 10:51 pm

Patrick unlocks it with the remote as he and Robert casually walk out to the car, sharing knowing glances.

kamikazeechoes 10:53 pm

Pete slides gratefully into the backseat with a sigh, his eyes slipping closed as he buckles his belt. "Thank you," he murmurs as they get in.

Awkward Turtle 10:55 pm

"You're not getting out of your punishment," Patrick replies sternly. He looks at Pete through the rear view mirror and softens his tone when he says, "You were good in there, though."

kamikazeechoes 10:57 pm

"Don't want out." Pete smiles back at Patrick through the rear view, brushing a hand through his slightly sweaty hair. "I was pretty good though, wasn't I? Would you give me something for it?"

Awkward Turtle 10:58 pm

"I might," Patrick says, focusing on starting the car and backing it out of the parking lot. "We'll have to see."

kamikazeechoes 11:00 pm

"Okay," Pete sighs, looking out the window. He presses his face against the glass. "I had my bags sent to your room already, if you were wondering."

Awkward Turtle 11:01 pm

"One step ahead of the game," Patrick says, slightly impressed. "I like it."

kamikazeechoes 11:01 pm

"They would have gotten in the way," Pete relaxes more into his seat, on the edge of falling asleep.

Awkward Turtle 11:05 pm

"Yes, they really would have," Patrick agrees. He hums, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. "I really can't wait until we can play with the toys you brought."

kamikazeechoes 11:06 pm

"I brought a lot," Pete mumbles, eyes slipping closed. "All your favorites for me," he says around a yawn.

Awkward Turtle 11:08 pm

Patrick glances back up at the mirror. "Good. I'm sure we'll put them to good use."

kamikazeechoes 11:09 pm

Pete hums but doesn't reply before he drifts off to sleep. Robert glances back at him with a raised eyebrow. "He can't possibly be tired out already."

Awkward Turtle 11:10 pm

Patrick shrugs. "He gets like that after every orgasm. He says it's the cure for his insomnia."

kamikazeechoes 11:11 pm

"I can still hear you," Pete slurs, curling against the door a little. "Just give me an hour."

Awkward Turtle 11:14 pm

"I was hoping to have you tied up already in an hour," Patrick says, faking a pout. "I've been waiting a long time, you know."

kamikazeechoes 11:15 pm

"I know, baby," Pete mumbles. "You can tie me up when I'm sleeping. We haven't done that in a while. Not sure why."

Awkward Turtle 11:16 pm

"Maybe I will," Patrick says thoughtfully. "I'm not carrying you to the room though."

kamikazeechoes 11:17 pm

"Get one of your security guys." Pete yawns and drifts off again.

Awkward Turtle 11:18 pm

Patrick lets out a frustrated sigh. "I think we should just leave him out here."

kamikazeechoes 11:20 pm

"You really think he'll be safe in the car alone?" Robert glances back at Pete, frowning. "I could probably get someone to carry him."

Awkward Turtle 11:21 pm

Patrick rolls his eyes. "He'll be fine. He's just being a diva."

kamikazeechoes 11:22 pm

Pete makes a quiet snuffling noise, curling up a little more.

Awkward Turtle 11:23 pm

When they make it back to the hotel, Patrick makes sure to slam his door extra hard to try to jar Pete out of his sleep before he heads inside.

kamikazeechoes 11:25 pm

Pete flips him off before fumbling at the door and tumbling out the backseat. He glares after Patrick and stumbles in behind them both.

Awkward Turtle 11:26 pm

Patrick ignores him and strides confidently into the hotel, only looking at Pete when he reaches the elevator. "Did you sleep well?" he asks sweetly, pressing the button.

kamikazeechoes 11:28 pm

"No," Pete growls, his hands curling into fists. "Some asshole who knows I never sleep decided to wake me up." He huffs and slumps into a corner of the elevator the second the doors sing open.

Awkward Turtle 11:30 pm

"That asshole has other plans for you," Patrick says, stepping into the elevator comes, "and I promise you'll sleep much better once we have our way with you."

kamikazeechoes 11:32 pm

Pete bites back a moan, not looking at either of them as the doors close. "Well, that asshole better making me blackout when I come. He knows I sleep the best after that."

Awkward Turtle 11:35 pm

The second the doors are closed, Patrick crowds him against the wall. "You will come so hard, you'll sleep for days," he says, his voice low, almost threatening.

kamikazeechoes 11:36 pm

Pete shivers, dick twitching in his messy jeans and breath catching in his throat. "Yes," he says quietly and he almost hates how his voice shakes. "Please?"

Awkward Turtle 11:39 pm

When the doors open again, Patrick grabs Pete by the wrist and nearly drags him to the room. Robert follows, smirking.

kamikazeechoes 11:41 pm

Pete whimpers softly at Patrick's vice grip but the slight pain is already making him hard. "Do you want me to shower for you?" he asks softly as they reach the door.

Awkward Turtle 11:43 pm

"No," Patrick says as he slides the card key in, "I want you to strip, clean up that mess in your jeans, then lay on the bed so I can tie you down."

kamikazeechoes 11:46 pm

Pete nods, pushing past Patrick to get to work the second the door is open. He glances up shyly at Robert when he follows Patrick in, hand already on his zipper. "I almost forgot."

Awkward Turtle 11:48 pm

Robert just smiles. "I don't blame you. I'd forget too, if Patrick were shoving me against walls like that."

kamikazeechoes 11:50 pm

Pete shakes his head, blushing and looking down at the ground. "I wasn't lying before. I really don't know how I could forget you're why we're here."

Awkward Turtle 11:53 pm

Robert waves a hand. "Don't worry about it. You should probably hurry up and do what Patrick says, though. He's practically been hard since we left the hotel."

kamikazeechoes 11:55 pm

"Yeah," Pete says hazily, going back to scrambling out of his clothes. He wipes himself off with his shirt before sliding on to the bed and laying on his back. "Is this good, Patrick?"

Awkward Turtle 11:59 pm

Patrick looks up from where he's digging through Pete's luggage. "That's perfect, Pete," he answers before turning back to the bag. "Hmm. He brought rope and handcuffs. Which one do you think we should use, Robert?"

kamikazeechoes 12:00 am

"Rope," Robert says immediately. "It looks better against the skin and it's less distracting, in a way." He glances over Patrick's shoulder, his jaw dropping a little. "If I didn't know any better, I would say you two own a sex shop."

Awkward Turtle 12:03 am

"No, just favored customers," Patrick says, pulling out the rope. "Though we could probably open one of our own with everything we have."

kamikazeechoes 12:05 am

"We could make a dungeon in out basement," Pete says breathlessly from the bed. "I've always wanted one of my own."

Awkward Turtle 12:07 am

"Maybe we will," Patrick says as he climbs over Pete and ties his wrist tightly to the headboard. "Then we can move all of those toys from the attic."

kamikazeechoes 12:09 am

Pete nods, eyes following Patrick's hands tie the ropes tight. "We could even invite people over." His eyes flicker darkly over to Robert, stilling sifting through his bag.

Awkward Turtle 12:11 am

Robert looks up at him, then at Patrick. "I could stop by sometime if I'm ever in town." He winks at Pete. "I'll try to surprise you."

kamikazeechoes 12:13 am

Pete's hips shift and he nods fast, not even sure Robert can see him from this angle. He does see his own dick jerk though. "Yeah, sounds good."

Awkward Turtle 12:15 am

Patrick finishes up with Pete, then slides off the bed to rejoin Robert. "So was there anything in particular you want to use, or what?" Patrick asks him.

kamikazeechoes 12:17 am

"I want to use that vibrator from your bag. The big one." He reaches into Pete's bag and pulls out a cock ring and a ball gag. "The ring is probably necessary but the gag could be interesting."

Awkward Turtle 12:19 am

"Good choices," Patrick says, smiling. "You can put those on him, and I'll go dig up my vibrator."

kamikazeechoes 12:21 am

Pete looks up at Robert like he might try to jump him, even tied up like he is. He manages not to buck up as the cock ring is slid on and he opens his mouth obediently to accept the gag.

Awkward Turtle 12:26 am

Patrick returns with the vibrator and some lube. "We could start with the vibrator already if you want. Or..." He tosses them on the bed in favor of kneeling on the bed and pulling Robert into a deep kiss right in front of Pete. "We could always play a little bit first."

kamikazeechoes 12:29 am

Robert hums into the kiss, taking Patrick's face. Pete's eyes go wide and he pulls violently at his restraints. "I don't think he likes this plan," Robert says lightly over Pete's muffled protests. "Maybe we shouldn't." He runs a thumb over Patrick's lips.

Awkward Turtle 12:31 am

"He's not supposed to like this plan," Patrick mumbles, licking his lips so that his tongue brushes the pad of Robert's thumb.

kamikazeechoes 12:33 am

Robert pulls Patrick into a rougher kiss with his thumb still half-trapped between their mouths. He licks over Patrick's lips as he pulls back. "I think I like this plan as much as he hates it."

Awkward Turtle 12:36 am

"Then don't stop," Patrick says simply, reeling Robert in by the collar into another kiss until they're full-on making out over Pete.

kamikazeechoes 12:37 am

Pete whines around his gag, still pulling at the ropes but his eyes locked on Patrick and Robert and their locked mouths. He glances down, moaning when he sees how hard they both are.

Awkward Turtle 12:39 am

Patrick's hands trail downward, brushing over Robert's skin under his shirt. "This should come off."

kamikazeechoes 12:41 am

Robert yanks the shirt over his head quickly before diving back in to kiss Patrick. "You too." He tugs the shirt up.

Awkward Turtle 12:43 am

Patrick lifts his arms and allows Robert to pull off his shirt. As soon as it's off, he reaches out to touch Robert, letting his hands wander across his sides and up his back.

kamikazeechoes 12:49 am

Robert sighs and relaxes into the touch, his own hands skating across Patrick's shoulders. "I think we should take care of Pete now. He can have a little distraction during the show." He kisses Patrick softly.

Awkward Turtle 12:51 am

Patrick looks down at Pete, dragging his hand over his chest, letting his finger brush over one nipple. "I guess we could."

kamikazeechoes 12:57 am

Pete nods, hoping his expression is pleading enough for Patrick. "We should," Robert mumbles, licking at the spot right under Patrick's ear. "Or we could leave your vibrator in him for a while. Maybe a few hours."

Awkward Turtle 12:59 am

Patrick tilts his head to the side with a light moan. "Now I like that idea."

kamikazeechoes 1:00 am

Pete groans around his gag, thrusting his hips up just enough to graze someone's jeans.

Awkward Turtle 1:01 am

Patrick takes up the vibrator and lube, offering them to Robert. "Do you want to, or should I?"

kamikazeechoes 1:03 am

Robert shakes his head. "You'll know exactly what to do to leave him aching. I'll get us dessert."

Awkward Turtle 1:06 am

Patrick grins impishly. "I love the way you think." He moves down the bed to settle between Pete's thighs. He pours the lube over his fingers, then teases one around Pete's hole.

kamikazeechoes 1:12 am

Robert moves across the room, far enough away that no one should hear Pete's soft moans over the phone but he can still watch. "Ah, room service? Could I get two of your chocolate and peanut butter mousses?" He grins as Pete perks up, trying to look at him. "Yes, just two, thank you."

Awkward Turtle 1:15 am

By the time Robert comes back over, Patrick's worked his way up to two fingers. "They're coming soon, I take it?" he asks casually, crooking his fingers inside Pete and shoving in roughly.

kamikazeechoes 1:18 am

Pete moans loudly, pushing against the fingers as best he can. "Yes, I think." He looks down at Pete and wraps a hand around his cock, squeezing at the base. "You should be quiet if you want to come tonight."

Awkward Turtle 1:20 am

Pete whimpers, staring up at Robert innocently until his eyes flutter shut when Patrick pushes in just right again.

kamikazeechoes 1:22 am

"He's gotten better at this." Patrick smirks and works in a third finger. "I remember when he could barely contain a moan."

Awkward Turtle 1:24 am

"He is pretty good at this," Robert agrees. "I was surprised he pulled it off at the restaurant."

kamikazeechoes 1:27 am

Patrick grins down proudly at Pete and it's enough to make him preen under the attention. "You're going to have to be extra quiet this time. Can you be?"

Awkward Turtle 1:28 am

Pete nods quickly, then rolls his hips back onto Patrick's fingers.

kamikazeechoes 1:30 am

Robert looks up with a smile when someone knocks at the door. "You'll have to hurry Patrick. Don't want dessert to melt." He stands and adjusts himself before answering.

Awkward Turtle 1:33 am

"I will," Patrick says, pulling his fingers out of Pete and slicking up the vibrator. He presses it slowly into Pete, less about being careful and more about teasing.

kamikazeechoes 1:35 am

Pete bites hard at the gag and pushes his hips back. He watches Robert at the door, just able to see the server around him. It's enough to makes a soft little noise slip out.

Awkward Turtle 1:37 am

Patrick's head snaps up, narrowing his eyes at Pete and stopping the vibrator entirely.

kamikazeechoes 1:41 am

Robert walks back to the bed with a tray in hand, tsking when he sees Patrick glaring down at Pete. "Let him have all of it and turn it on low."

Awkward Turtle 1:43 am

Patrick bares his teeth a little, then shoves the toy all the way in, flipping it on before standing up.

kamikazeechoes 1:45 am

Pete's eyes roll back and he bites hard into the gag, fucking himself on the toy as best he can.

Awkward Turtle 1:48 am

Patrick looks at the tray Robert is carrying, trying to ignore Pete thrashing behind him. "So are we going to eat that on the bed here, on the table, or off of someone?"

kamikazeechoes 1:49 am

Robert places one glass on the night stand next to the bed. "We can eat that off of someone in a moment. For now..." He dips a spoon into the other and holds it up to Patrick's lips.

Awkward Turtle 1:51 am

Patrick lets his lips fall open and wrap around the spoon as seductively as possible, looking at Robert through his eyelashes.

kamikazeechoes 1:54 am

Robert smiles when Patrick lets the spoon pop from his lips. He sets the tray gently on the bed before scooping out another bite. "I think I know what they mean about your mouth now."

Awkward Turtle 1:55 am

"What who means?" Patrick asks, puzzled. "Do you hear a lot about my mouth?"

kamikazeechoes 1:57 am

"Enough." Robert holds up the bites for a moment before dropping it into the glass and pulling Patrick into another kiss.

Awkward Turtle 1:59 am

Patrick melts into the kiss, but his brain is still working even as he pulls away. "I wasn't aware my mouth was really a discussion point."

kamikazeechoes 2:01 am

Robert smirks, tracing a finger around them. "You've never really looked, have you? It's perfect and you know exactly how to use it." Pete moans his agreement.

Awkward Turtle 2:02 am

"I could always give you a better idea of how well I know how to use it," Patrick offers, licking over Robert's finger.

kamikazeechoes 2:04 am

Robert and Pete both moan but Robert shakes his head. "We'll finish dessert first. Then, I think, we should put on a movie and make out. That was nice before."

Awkward Turtle 2:06 am

"Sounds like a plan to me," Patrick says, shifting on the bed purposely to nudge the vibrator to a different angle. "I agree, it's very nice to make out with you."

kamikazeechoes 2:08 am

Pete's eyes go wide, the vibrator nudging against his prostate. He pants pitifully at Robert and Patrick. This wouldn't be enough to get him off under normal circumstances.

Awkward Turtle 2:11 am

Patrick ignores him and practically moans around the next bite Robert feeds him. "This is so good," he says after he swallows.

kamikazeechoes 2:13 am

Robert grins, scooping out a bite for himself and wrapping his lips around it, humming appreciatively. "It is. I think you'd like it, Pete. You should get some later."

Awkward Turtle 2:15 am

Pete just makes a pitiful sound and lets himself fall back against the pillow.

kamikazeechoes 2:20 am

"Is something wrong?" Robert asks innocently, not waiting for an answer as he shifts the contents of the bed around so he and Patrick can sit.

Awkward Turtle 2:22 am

Pete whines and rocks his hips back onto the vibrator, but the change of angle when they sit does nothing for him.

kamikazeechoes 2:27 am

Robert smoothes a hand up Pete's stretched calf. "Any idea of movies you're like to watch?" He presses a soft kiss to Patrick's lips.

Awkward Turtle 2:30 am

Patrick hums in thought when Robert pulls back. "We'll have to see what's on. Though I have to warn you, Pete and I both have a weakness for 80's movies."

kamikazeechoes 2:33 am

Robert pulls a face but nods anyway. "Just so long as I'm not in it." He snuggles in closer to Patrick, grabbing the remote from below the TV.

Awkward Turtle 2:36 am

Patrick laughs, resting his head on Robert's shoulder.. "I totally understand."

kamikazeechoes 2:37 am

"It'd be like asking if we could listen to one of your albums while we have sex in the backseat." He runs his finger through Patrick's hair.

Awkward Turtle 2:39 am

"Yeah, not really a turn-on," Patrick agrees, making a face. "It's been a while since I've done that, though. Not listened to my own album, but fucked in the backseat of a car."

kamikazeechoes 2:41 am

"Mmmm, sounds so much better with fuck." Robert hums as he muses over it for a long moment. "We could always fix that, if you'd like. We might need a bigger car for all three of us." He nudges gently at Pete's vibrator.

Awkward Turtle 2:43 am

Patrick grins at Pete's writhing. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm sure Pete still has his giant ugly monster that we could try."

kamikazeechoes 2:46 am

Pete tries to somehow argue that the Death Star is not a monster but the noises that come are plaintive moans as he wiggles his ass back.

Awkward Turtle 2:48 am

Patrick shakes his head, understanding the message anyway. "It's a monster, Pete. It can barely fit in our garage."

kamikazeechoes 2:52 am

Pete tries to pout around the gag, though it comes off more like a bid for someone to fuck him or at least turn up the vibrator.

Awkward Turtle 2:54 am

Patrick ignores him, turning back to Robert. "So what all is on?"

kamikazeechoes 2:57 am

"Not much," Robert sighs, flicking idly through the channels. The dessert spoon is hanging from his mouth. "Maybe skip the movie?"

Awkward Turtle 2:58 am

Patrick shrugs. "I'm okay with that, as long as I still get to make out with you."

kamikazeechoes 2:59 am

Robert drops the spoon into the empty glass, dragging Patrick into a kiss. "Of course."

Awkward Turtle 3:00 am

Patrick hums into the kiss, practically climbing on top of Robert's lap in an attempt to get closer.

kamikazeechoes 3:02 am

Robert rocks his hips up into Patrick's, pulling away with a contented sigh. "I wish we had another bed."

Awkward Turtle 3:03 am

"That would be helpful, wouldn't it?" Patrick replies between kisses. "Pete takes up so much room on this one."

kamikazeechoes 3:05 am

"We could pretend he's not here." Robert licks over the marks he left on Patrick's neck. "I don't think he'd mind."

Awkward Turtle 3:07 am

Pete whines in protest and Patrick sighs. "I don't know. He's sort of loud."

kamikazeechoes 3:09 am

"I could make you drown him out?" Robert kisses at Patrick's jaw. "Or we could move to one of the chairs."

Awkward Turtle 3:11 am

"I think I'd like you to make me drown him out," Patrick says, rolling his hips down.

kamikazeechoes 3:13 am

"As you wish," Robert says over Pete's protests. He drags Patrick in again, one hand holding him in place while the other cups his ass.

Awkward Turtle 3:14 am

Patrick moans against Robert's lips as he rocks back into his hand, reveling in Pete's squirming objections.

kamikazeechoes 3:16 am

Robert pulls away enough to lick up the side up Patrick's neck. "He didn't even notice these, did he?"

Awkward Turtle 3:17 am

"I think he was a little distracted," Patrick breathes, his head tilting automatically.

kamikazeechoes 3:18 am

Robert sucks gently at one, making it slowly larger. "Such a shame. At least he sees them now."

Awkward Turtle 3:20 am

Patrick looks at Pete over Robert's shoulder. He nearly laughs at the wide, pleading eyes staring back at him. "And I'll be sure to point them out at every opportunity."

kamikazeechoes 3:22 am

Pete's hips jerk and he whimpers. Robert just chuckles, rolling his hips. "I should mark more of you, just so he can find it." He smirks. "He'll never forget to check again."

Awkward Turtle 3:25 am

"Yes," Patrick hisses. "He'll make sure I can't be alone with you for five minutes without a full hickey check."

kamikazeechoes 3:28 am

"I could give you a little one in less time." Robert bites down gently. "He could try being a good boy and we could let him join."

Awkward Turtle 3:30 am

Pete squirms, trying to make pleading eyes. It's difficult without the accompanying pout.

kamikazeechoes 3:31 am

Robert reaches back blindly to tilt and press in the vibrator. "Do you think he could be good?"

Awkward Turtle 3:32 am

Patrick gives Pete a long, considering look and shrugs. "I'm sure he'd be thrilled with a chance to try."

kamikazeechoes 3:34 am

Pete nods, writhing on the toy. "We should move to the floor. It would be easier to watch a movie."

Awkward Turtle 3:36 am

Patrick grins. "I think that's a wonderful idea."

kamikazeechoes 1:57 am

Pete makes a muffled sound of protest that gets ignored as they slide down and out of his view. He thunks his head as hard as he can against the pillows.

Awkward Turtle 1:59 am

As soon as they get to the floor, Patrick scoots in close to Robert. "We should be quiet while we're down here," he says low in his ear. "Make Pete wonder."

kamikazeechoes 2:01 am

Robert nods, pressing a finger to Patrick's lips before kissing him softly. "For now, at least. We should continue the show for him later."

Awkward Turtle 2:03 am

Patrick smiles into the kiss. "He's going to hate me after this," he whispers. "And it will have been so worth it."

kamikazeechoes 2:04 am

"I think he'll get over it quickly," Robert replies, returning the smile. "It must be impossible for him to stay mad at you."

Awkward Turtle 2:06 am

"He tries really hard." Patrick leans in to kiss Robert again. "It's really sort of cute."

kamikazeechoes 2:07 am

Robert chuckles into the kiss, reaching up to caress Patrick's cheek. "Silly of him, really."

Awkward Turtle 2:08 am

Patrick leans into the touch. "He's sort of known for doing silly things, I guess."

kamikazeechoes 2:10 am

"Like those photos." Robert bites gently at Patrick's hip. "Impossible to find pictures without getting them."

Awkward Turtle 2:12 am

Patrick chuckles. "Safe search helps a little. Not that I terribly mind looking at Pete's dick."

kamikazeechoes 2:14 am

"It's far better in person though." Robert pulls back. "Should we make sure he alright up there?"

Awkward Turtle 2:15 am

"He'll be fine," Patrick assures. "He's probably trying really hard to hear us. Probably wants to know what we're saying."

kamikazeechoes 2:18 am

"Wonder if he'd be surprised." Robert smiles, pulling Patrick into a deep kiss, moaning softly.

Awkward Turtle 2:20 am

"He's probably just relieved to hear us talking," Patrick murmurs, "because if we're talking, it means we're not fucking."

kamikazeechoes 1:04 am

"We could make him think we're fucking," Robert murmurs, tugging Patrick into his lap. "We could put the TV on a little loud and try to keep quiet while we entertain ourselves."

Awkward Turtle 1:06 am

Patrick grins, kissing him again. "I could make noises occasionally, too. Just something to keep him listening."

kamikazeechoes 1:07 am

"Yes, don't want him drifting off up there." Robert leans in and nibbles at Patrick's throat. "Not too much though."

Awkward Turtle 1:08 am

Patrick makes a soft sighing noise and grabs Robert's shoulders. "He won't. He knows better."

kamikazeechoes 1:10 am

"Tell me what you'd do to him if he did." Robert bites gently on Patrick's earlobe and tugs. "I'm curious now."

Awkward Turtle 1:13 am

"Whatever strikes my fancy, really," Patrick says, biting his lip a little. "Once I teased him for six hours straight, another time I tied him up and left him. The time after that, was similar to the first, but with a plug."

kamikazeechoes 1:17 am

Robert's hips jerk and a quiet moan slips out past Patrick's skin. "You're a little devious, maybe even evil. So what would you do with me here? What we're doing now? Would you want me to fuck you over him? Or would we tease him together?"

Awkward Turtle 1:18 am

Patrick makes a considering noise. "Probably both. And I'd keep the vibrator in."

kamikazeechoes 1:21 am

"And what if he managed to come, watching you?" Robert trails his hands over Patrick's hips to squeeze his ass. "I think he'd find a way, cock ring and all."

Awkward Turtle 1:23 am

Patrick nuzzles Robert's neck and rocks back into his hands. "He knows what happens when he comes without my say. I start over, but the second time is twice as merciless."

kamikazeechoes 1:25 am

"I almost want to make him do it." Robert tilts his head to the side with a sigh. "But maybe we should leave the bedroom at some point during this stay, hmm?"

Awkward Turtle 1:28 am

"Possibly," Patrick mutters, kissing right under Robert's ear. "Not that the time I've spent in the room hasn't been enjoyable."

kamikazeechoes 1:30 am

Pete stares at the ceiling, every nerve focused on trying to hear them. He catches nothing but tiny snatches he thinks may be plotting for... something. He makes the loudest sound he can and tries to rattle the bed for some kind of attention.

Awkward Turtle 1:33 am

Patrick shoots an exasperated look up at the bed. "Looks like someone's looking for attention already."

kamikazeechoes 1:35 am

Robert smirks at Patrick before looking up at the bed. "Can't say I blame him. Two people he finds attractive might be fucking just feet from him."

Awkward Turtle 1:38 am

Patrick grins wickedly and leans in to whisper in Robert's ear. "We should make him think we did," he says. "Just strip and mess up our hair."

kamikazeechoes 1:40 am

Robert grins back. "We should wait just a little longer, make a little more noise, really sell it." He buries his fingers in Patrick's hair and tousles it. "Come on."

Awkward Turtle 1:44 am

He musses Robert's hair as well, letting out a low moan like the one he knows he makes on the rare days he lets Pete sink into him.

kamikazeechoes 1:46 am

Robert groans, his hips rolling into Patrick's. "If you keep making sounds like that, we might have to fuck. I want to hear as many of them as I can."

Awkward Turtle 1:50 am

Patrick laughs softly, rocking down to meet Robert. "You won't get out of this without hearing more of that, so don't worry."

kamikazeechoes 1:52 am

Robert moans softly and Pete rattles the bed harder with a muffled frustrated cry. "He is impatient, isn't he."

Awkward Turtle 1:54 am

"Always has been," Patrick confirms, rolling his eyes. He lets out another deliberate moan, a little louder this time.

kamikazeechoes 1:56 am

Pete feels his dick twitch painfully at Patrick's moan, the one he makes when he's starting to get into it. He whines and arches up as best he can before flumping against the mattress.

Awkward Turtle 1:59 am

Patrick smirks when he hears Pete's whining protests. "Something tells me it's working," Patrick says.

kamikazeechoes 2:01 am

Robert grins, pulling Patrick into a kiss. "I want to see him like this. We shouldn't stay down here too long."

Awkward Turtle 2:02 am

"I'd like to see it, too," Patrick says, moaning into the kiss. "We should still strip, though. Wouldn't quite sell it if we came back up fully clothed."

kamikazeechoes 2:20 am

Robert smiles, pulling Patrick into a shy kiss. "Then they come off and don't have to go back on until we leave." He manages to button the jeans and and wiggle them over his hips. "And you?"

Awkward Turtle 2:22 am

Patrick tears his eyes away from where he was staring at Robert's chest. He blushes and shrugs before wiggling out of his jeans.

kamikazeechoes 2:25 am

Robert works the jeans off his legs absently while he watches Patrick. "If we get to do this again, I want to watch you strip properly."

Awkward Turtle 2:29 am

Patrick's shy smile reappears. "You should definitely contact us if you're ever in our area. I would be more than happy to have you." His eyes go dark. "And I'd be sure to give you a proper show."

kamikazeechoes 2:31 am

"I think I'll take you up on it," Robert mumbles, pulling Patrick in for another kiss. "We could even let Pete watch if he promises to behave and not touch until you finish."

Awkward Turtle 2:33 am

Patrick snorts out a laugh. "He'd make an effort, but something tells me he wouldn't last."

kamikazeechoes 2:34 am

Robert tsks softly. "I suppose we could tie him up so he can't. Do you think he'd fall out of a chair?"

Awkward Turtle 2:36 am

"With that squirming?" Patrick laughs as he hears the sheets ruffle above them. "Probably."

kamikazeechoes 2:38 am

Pete whines loudly. They fucked, he just knows it, and now they're having post-coital chit-chat while he's aching for release. It's not fair at all.

Awkward Turtle 2:39 am

Patrick sighs. "We should probably get back to him eventually."

kamikazeechoes 2:41 am

"Before he tries dislocating something to fuck himself on that vibrator," Robert agrees, ruffling Patrick's hair once more.

Awkward Turtle 2:43 am

Patrick kisses Robert softly, then braces one hand on the edge of the bed as he stands up. "Having fun up here?" Patrick asks Pete sweetly.

kamikazeechoes 2:44 am

Pete writhes as prettily as he can, just how he knows Patrick likes, moaning around the gag. He lifts his head to him a dark look.

Awkward Turtle 2:47 am

Patrick forces himself not to choke on his next breath. He knows Pete's doing that on purpose. He takes the vibrator and pushes it further into Pete. "Good to see you're enjoying yourself."

kamikazeechoes 2:52 am

Pete moans again and tries to arch into the press. Robert appears over Patrick's shoulder, trailing a hand over his outstretched arm to wrap over the vibrator's end as well. "We should take care of him."

Awkward Turtle 2:56 am

Patrick gives Pete a long look. "Do you think so?" He strokes a finger over the cock ring. "We'd have to remove this first if we want him to get off, though."

kamikazeechoes 2:58 am

Robert shakes his head when Pete tries to thrust into the touch. "He'd come the second anyone tried to lay a hand on him. Leave it for now."

Awkward Turtle 3:00 am

"Yeah, probably." The corners of Patrick's lips twitch up mischievously as he drags the vibrator back and shoves it in again, hard.

kamikazeechoes 3:02 am

Pete's eyes go wide and his entire body twitches, enough that the restraints pull at his arms. The pain just makes him writhe and moan more.

Awkward Turtle 3:05 am

"So pretty when you're like this," Patrick says, petting Pete's hip affectionately. "But you know that don't you?" He shoves the vibrator into him again.

kamikazeechoes 3:10 am

Pete bites hard into the gag, pushing his hips back the few inches that he can desperately. "You were right," Robert breathes, rolling his hips against Patrick's ass. "He's so gorgeous like this."

Awkward Turtle 3:15 am

"I know," Patrick says, rocking his hips back as he runs a hand down Robert's bare thigh. "If you weren't here, I'd already be doing the dirtiest things to him."

kamikazeechoes 3:17 am

"Don't let me stop you." Robert noses at Patrick's throat. "Pete, don't you want Patrick to do all the things he normally would, even with me here?"

Awkward Turtle 3:23 am

Pete moans and turns pleading eyes on Patrick. Patrick sighs, twisting the vibrator thoughtfully. "I don't know."

kamikazeechoes 5:43 pm

"You should do it," Robert whispers, smirking down at Pete as he wraps a hand around Patrick's dick. He jerks him slow and loose. "He was good at the restaurant."

Awkward Turtle 5:46 pm

Patrick leans his head back against Robert's shoulder and moans softly. "He was, wasn't he?" He pulls the toy back, turning it up a few notches before pressing it back in hard.

kamikazeechoes 5:48 pm

Pete's eyes roll back and writhes against the toy, moaning as loudly and appreciatively as he can. "Just look at him," Robert murmurs between soft kisses to Patrick's throat. "How can you say no?"

Awkward Turtle 5:51 pm

"Practice," Patrick sighs as he the toy inside Pete, angling it just right, "and currently a little bit of distraction."

kamikazeechoes 5:55 pm

Pete arches up as best he can, fucking himself on the toy. Breathy little sighs spill from around his gag. Robert shrugs, shooting Pete a sorry look. "I guess you'll have to wait."

Awkward Turtle 6:02 pm

"Probably," Patrick agrees, still making breathy sighs as he stares down at Pete. "It depends on when we want to remove his ring."

kamikazeechoes 6:04 pm

"I almost don't want to," Robert says, tugging Patrick tighter and faster. Pete give him a betrayed look. "He just looks so good writhing and wanting like this."

Awkward Turtle 6:06 pm

Patrick's hands slip briefly on the vibrator as he bucks into Robert's hand with a long, low moan.

kamikazeechoes 6:08 pm

Pete whines, pushing his hips back desperately for more. "Don't you think you could come just watching him?" Robert whispers right into Patrick's ear.

Awkward Turtle 6:11 pm

Patrick shakes his head quickly. "He does look gorgeous," he murmurs, "but it's not enough. I need more."

kamikazeechoes 6:12 pm

"I could give you more," Robert whispers, moving his hand faster and adding a twist to his wrist. Pete turns his head to Patrick and whimpers.

Awkward Turtle 6:14 pm

"Yes," Patrick moans, rocking into Robert's hand shamelessly. "Please."

kamikazeechoes 6:15 pm

"Tell me exactly what you want and how you want it." Robert slows his hand.

Awkward Turtle 6:18 pm

Patrick cranes his head to look at Robert, his eyes dark. "I'm not picky," he breathes. "Just get me off. Please."

kamikazeechoes 6:20 pm

"As you wish." Robert pumps his hand hard and fast over Patrick's cock, rolling their hips together.

Awkward Turtle 6:21 pm

Patrick grinds back and groans, letting his eyes slip shut. "Close."

kamikazeechoes 6:25 pm

"Good," Robert purrs as he runs his thumb over the tip on an upstroke. "Now look at Pete."

Awkward Turtle 6:27 pm

Patrick opens his eyes to look down at Pete. Pete stares up pleadingly, rocking back on the vibrator. Patrick chokes on a breath and comes hard.

kamikazeechoes 6:29 pm

Robert strokes Patrick lightly through his orgasm, kissing along his jaw. "So beautiful," he murmurs, "both of you."

Awkward Turtle 6:33 pm

Patrick laughs breathily, turning his head to catch Robert's lips as he turns the vibrator up a bit. "You as well," he murmurs.

kamikazeechoes 6:35 pm

Pete screams around his gag, panting and fighting to fuck himself on the vibrator. "Fweese?" he slurs, fingers trying to claw towards them.

Awkward Turtle 6:38 pm

Patrick's hand reaches for the ring automatically, but pauses to look up at Robert. "Should I let him? He has been so good." He runs a hand slowly up Pete's thigh.

kamikazeechoes 6:40 pm

Robert nods, resting his chin on Patrick's shoulder. "You should. He's been nearly perfect and he might pull or break something if we leave him much longer."

Awkward Turtle 6:43 pm

Patrick smiles up at Pete and releases the ring at the same time he presses the vibrator in hard.

kamikazeechoes 6:45 pm

Pete moans long and loud as he comes, arching up and shuddering until his limbs give out. "Fank 'oo," he mumbles as he stares up at the ceiling.

Awkward Turtle 6:48 pm

"You're welcome," Patrick replies, kissing the inside of Pete's thigh. He turns back to Robert. "Of the three of us, you're the only one that hasn't gotten off yet," he observes. He pulls Robert into a long kiss. "How do you want it?"

kamikazeechoes 6:51 pm

Robert sighs into the kiss, rocking his hips forward. "I had wanted the chance to fuck Pete," he says casually when they pull apart. Pete moans around his gag, arching a little before he falls limp into the mattress. "That wouldn't be very fair now though."

Awkward Turtle 6:54 pm

"I'm sure Pete would enjoy it," Patrick replies between kisses along Robert;s neck, "and I certainly don't mind. I get my fill of fucking Pete, and I would love to watch you."

kamikazeechoes 6:56 pm

"Would you, Pete?" Robert looks down at him, his eyes raking slowly up as body as Pete twitches and shakes. When he gets to his face, Pete looks him in the eye and nods, trying to smile around the gag.

Awkward Turtle 7:06 pm

"I'm sure you'd be fulfilling a dream of his," Patrick laughs, petting Pete's thigh.

kamikazeechoes 7:07 pm

Pete nods quickly and lays back, wiggling his ass invitingly.

Awkward Turtle 7:13 pm

Patrick steps aside, giving Robert better access to Pete. "Now who could say no to that?" Robert asks,

kamikazeechoes 7:17 pm

Pete grins up at Robert, relaxing against the bed. The vibrator presses into his prostate and he arches up, moaning pitifully as his dick attempts vainly to twitch to life.

Awkward Turtle 7:20 pm

Robert crawls over Pete, pushing the vibrator back into him then slowly sliding it out as Patrick settles on a nearby chair.

kamikazeechoes 7:24 pm

Patrick watches through narrowed eyes as Robert pushes into Pete slowly. He rocks into Pete slowly and lets his hands drift over every bit of skin he can reach.

Awkward Turtle 7:27 pm

Pete shivers under his touch, his dick twitching helplessly again at the feel of Robert bottoming out.

kamikazeechoes 7:29 pm

Robert pulls out slow and rocks easily back into Pete, fingers drifting over his lips. "If you manage to recover enough for a round 2, I won't draw it out. You've earned it."

Awkward Turtle 7:32 pm

Pete whimpers and presses into Robert's touch as much as he can, urging himself to get up faster.

kamikazeechoes 7:35 pm

"Shhh," Robert murmurs, still rocking into Pete slowly. "We have time, no need to force it like that."

Awkward Turtle 7:39 pm

Pete nods quickly. He lets out muffled sounds at each thrust, clenching his hands into fists as he tugs at his bonds.

kamikazeechoes 7:41 pm

Robert leans down to kiss along Pete's jaw. "Do you have any idea how gorgeous you look?" he whispers in Pete's ear, thrusting harder but keeping the same slow pace. "Any idea how much you make someone want to touch and push?"

Awkward Turtle 7:43 pm

Pete blinks up at him as he arches and groans, going automatically for methods Patrick would be powerless against.

kamikazeechoes 7:47 pm

Robert hears Patrick's hisses intake of breath and ignores it, pushing Pete down against the mattress. "We're doing this my way, Pete, or we won't do it at all and I'll make sure Patrick punishes you."

Awkward Turtle 7:49 pm

Pete stares up a Robert with wide eyes, a small whimper escaping. He lies very still.

kamikazeechoes 7:53 pm

Robert laughs softly and traces Pete's jaw. "You can enjoy it. But you don't get to push me faster. We move at my pace."

Awkward Turtle 7:56 pm

Pete's eyes slip closed at the touch. His dick still stirs to life at the lingering idea of Patrick punishing him.

kamikazeechoes 7:59 pm

Robert chuckles, thrusting a little faster. "You want him to punish you still?" He trails his hands down to Pete's hips and pound in twice before returning to his easy pace.

Awkward Turtle 8:02 pm

Pete moans and shivers, then chokes back a whine when Robert slows. His legs shake with the need to rock against Robert's thrusts.

kamikazeechoes 8:07 pm

Robert chuckles darkly and plants his hands on either side of Pete's head. "Do you want me to fuck you like Patrick would if he lost control?"

Awkward Turtle 8:09 pm

Pete nods nearly hard enough to give himself a headache, staring at Robert with pleading eyes.

kamikazeechoes 8:13 pm

Robert takes off the gag, tracing his finger around Pete's lips with a smirk. "But I'm not Patrick."

Awkward Turtle 8:15 pm

Pete sighs with relief, flexing his jaw. "Then fuck me like you would," he says. "Just fuck me, please."

kamikazeechoes 8:18 pm

"Ask Jude or Patrick," Robert says, kissing Pete hard and dirty. "I go slow and tease until I can't take it anymore. Then, and only then, do I fuck you. Could you take that?"

Awkward Turtle 8:21 pm

Pete whimper a little, but nods. "Yeah. Yeah, I could do that. Please."

kamikazeechoes 8:24 pm

Robert hums and nibbles at Pete's throat, reaching for the ropes tied around his wrists. "I think you're lying," he says, punctuating it with a hard thrust.

Awkward Turtle 8:25 pm

Pete gasps. "I could try," he says in a jumble. "I will try. I can do it."

kamikazeechoes 8:31 pm

"You don't have to." Robert plants his hands and thrusts hard and fast into Pete.

Awkward Turtle 8:33 pm

Pete moans deeply, rocking against Robert's thrusts before he can remember not to.

kamikazeechoes 8:35 pm

"It's okay," Robert says breathlessly. He takes Pete's freed wrists, kissing each of them.

Awkward Turtle 8:37 pm

Pete sighs, bringing a hand to tangle in Roberts hair as he leans his head back and takes Robert's thrusts.

kamikazeechoes 8:38 pm

Robert groans at the slight pull to his hair, thrusting hard and fast and pulling out almost all the way each time.

Awkward Turtle 8:40 pm

Pete pulls him into a hard, messy kiss. "Please," he murmurs. "Touch me. I'm so close."

kamikazeechoes 8:42 pm

"So soon?" Robert breathes, wrapping a hand around Pete and jerking him at the same pace as his thrusts.

Awkward Turtle 8:45 pm

Pete bucks into Robert's hand. "It's been a while since Patrick's been here or in Chicago for such a long time," he admits. "Also, I'm not very good at drawing things out."

kamikazeechoes 8:46 pm

Robert chuckles and adds a twist to his strokes, thrusting into Pete as hard as he can. "Then come for us."

Awkward Turtle 8:48 pm

Pete writhes and comes over Robert's hand with a broken moan, still rocking weakly into his movement.

kamikazeechoes 8:49 pm

Robert moans, pushing through Pete's orgasm until he comes as well. He pulls out gently and lays next to Pete, licking his hand clean.

Awkward Turtle 8:51 pm

Pete lies limply against his pillow. "God, I've been wanting to do that for ages," he sighs.

kamikazeechoes 8:52 pm

"Me too," Robert says with a contented sigh, relaxing into Pete's side. "Patrick, you should join us."

Awkward Turtle 8:54 pm

Patrick stands up from his chair and walks over to the bed, sitting on the edge. "It doesn't look like there's much room for me on the bed."

kamikazeechoes 8:57 pm

"Always room for you, Lunchbox." Pete sits up and reels Patrick in, clinging like a barnacle. "How could you think there wouldn't be?"

Awkward Turtle 9:00 pm

Patrick grins as he straddles Pete and leans down to kiss him sweetly. "Thank you," me mutters, stroking Pete's side. "You were so good today."

kamikazeechoes 9:03 pm

Pete preens under the attention, stretching up to kiss Patrick again. "I wanted so badly to be good for you." He leans over and kisses Robert's shoulder. "I don't even know how long I've wanted you."

Awkward Turtle 9:04 pm

"Good thing I found him for you, hm?" Patrick asks, peppering Pete's jaw with kisses.

kamikazeechoes 9:05 pm

Pete sighs and bares his neck more for Patrick. "Very good," he shudders out.

Awkward Turtle 9:07 pm

"Thanks for coming out on short notice," Patrick mumbles, licking at Pete's neck.

kamikazeechoes 9:08 pm

"No problem," Pete whimpers, pushing into Patrick's touch. Robert sits up and raises an eyebrow.

Awkward Turtle 9:12 pm

Patrick lifts his head to look at Robert. "And thanks to you for letting Pete be here," he says, leaning over to peck Robert's lips.

kamikazeechoes 9:14 pm

Robert smiles and hums. "Think nothing of it but I think we should try and give Pete a break." He glances at the dessert still on the nightstand. "He might wants a snack too."

Awkward Turtle 9:16 pm

Patrick follows Robert's gaze. "I almost forgot about that," he says, stretching to grab it.

kamikazeechoes 9:18 pm

Pete looks as well, beaming when he sees it. "I completely forgot! But weren't you two going to eat it off someone?"

Awkward Turtle 9:19 pm

Patrick brings the dessert to him, poking at it with the spoon as he looks at Robert. "We could still do that."

kamikazeechoes 9:22 pm

"I want to eat it off Patrick," Pete blurts out before he can stop himself. "If... if you want me to," he adds shyly.

Awkward Turtle 9:24 pm

Patrick leans forward to kiss his again. "I think you've deserved that," he says, then glances up with Robert. "Is that okay with you?"

kamikazeechoes 9:26 pm

"Of course." Robert kisses Pete softly. "I think I'm going to take a shower now. I can't keep up with you two."

Awkward Turtle 9:29 pm

"Go for it," Patrick says with a smile. "We'll be here."

kamikazeechoes 9:30 pm

Robert kisses Patrick as well before retreating into the bathroom.

Awkward Turtle 9:32 pm

Patrick smiles wider, passing the dessert to Pete. "So how do you want me?"

kamikazeechoes 9:34 pm

Pete lays a hand in to middle of Patrick's chest, pushing him back gently. "On your back. I know exactly where I'm going to put this."

Awkward Turtle 9:35 pm

Patrick raises his eyebrows, but rolls onto his back and stretching over the sheets.

kamikazeechoes 9:38 pm

Pete grins, scooping up a spoonful of the dessert. "I've thought about it a bit. Can you blame me?"

Awkward Turtle 9:40 pm

"I guess not," Patrick chuckles. "Though honestly, I'm surprised you didn't go for eating it off Robert."

kamikazeechoes 9:44 pm

"He seemed tired. I was getting cuddle vibes." Pete grins and smears mousse in a trial along Patrick's jaw.

Awkward Turtle 9:45 pm

"Looks like he was." Patrick leans his head to the side to give Pete more room and to glance at the bathroom door.

kamikazeechoes 9:47 pm

Pete makes a happy noise as he licks up the trail, smack his lips. "Fucking delicious." He still frowns at the door. "I sort of feel bad leaving Robert out though."

Awkward Turtle 9:49 pm

Patrick hums, petting Pete's side. "So do I. I guess he could have offered to join us if he wanted to, though."

kamikazeechoes 9:50 pm

Pete sighs and sits back, scooping up another spoonful and popping it into his mouth. "We could go in there and surprise him then cuddle in bed?"

Awkward Turtle 9:52 pm

Patrick grins and sits up, kissing Pete and stealing part of his mouthful in the process. "And you accuse me of being evil."

kamikazeechoes 9:54 pm

Pete moans softly, fighting to get back what he lost. "I'm not evil," Pete says after swallowing, "but I'm willing to share for once."

Awkward Turtle 9:57 pm

"Which I guess I should be thanking you for," Patrick says, kissing Pete a little again. He leans back on his hands. "You know, Robert and I haven't actually fucked yet."

kamikazeechoes 10:09 pm

"You haven't?" Pete blinks at Patrick as he takes another bite. "But you two were here for so long before I even got here."

Awkward Turtle 10:12 pm

Patrick smiles and shakes his head. "We just jerked each other off and let you assume."

kamikazeechoes 10:13 pm

"Totally evil," Pete mumbles around another spoonful. "He's kind of amazing though, if you couldn't tell."

Awkward Turtle 10:14 pm

"I could," Patrick says with a smirk. "You really looked like you were enjoying yourself."

kamikazeechoes 10:22 pm

Pete shivers, a dopey smile drifting onto his face as he eats another spoonful. "I was. We really should invite him over again."

Awkward Turtle 10:24 pm

"I'll be sure to get his number before he leaves," Patrick promises. "So How exactly are you planning to surprise him?"

kamikazeechoes 10:27 pm

Pete thinks as he finishes off the dessert. "Jump in with him if he's in the shower, pull him into the bath, cuddle until we go pruny," he says proudly.

Awkward Turtle 10:29 pm

Patrick hums in thought. "Do you think there's room for the three of us in there?"

kamikazeechoes 10:29 pm

"We'll find a way." Pete throws himself at Patrick. "Don't we usually?"

Awkward Turtle 10:31 pm

Patrick catches Pete, falling back to the bed in the process. "I guess so," he says, pulling Pete down for a kiss.

kamikazeechoes 10:34 pm

Pete grins into the kiss before wriggling away and off the bed. His legs shake slightly when he stands. "How long did you two have me there?"

Awkward Turtle 10:36 pm

Patrick sits up and glances at the clock by the bed. He winces. "A couple hours?"

kamikazeechoes 10:40 pm

"Oh." Pete lets out a shaky sigh and sits down again. "Then you get Robert if he's in the shower so we can all take a bath. Did you get a big one in this room?"

Awkward Turtle 10:51 pm

"I think so," Patrick says as he stands. "I'll call you in when we have the bath ready."

kamikazeechoes 10:53 pm

"You're a prince, Patrick Stump." Pete curls on the bed again, stuffing a pillow under his head.

Awkward Turtle 10:55 pm

"So you tell me," he replies, then goes to the bathroom door, talking a breath before casually walking in.

kamikazeechoes 10:59 pm

Robert pokes his head out of the running shower, frowning when he sees Patrick. "Done so soon? I thought Pete would take his time."

Awkward Turtle 11:00 pm

Patrick leans against the wall. "He's decided he wants cuddles in the bath instead."

kamikazeechoes 11:01 pm

Robert chuckles and goes back into the shower, turning off the water and pushing back the curtains. "I think I could get out of the way for you two. I'm guessing he's sore?"

Awkward Turtle 11:04 pm

Patrick is momentarily distracted by Robert's wet and naked state, but he snaps out of it and clears his throat. "At the very least. I didn't realize just how long we had him tied up."

kamikazeechoes 11:08 pm

"Neither did I until I took a shower." Robert grabs a towel from the stack and wraps it around his waist. "I'll be out here if you two need me for something." He heads for the door.

Awkward Turtle 11:09 pm

Patrick blocks him from the door. "I think he intended for you to be there," he says with a smirk.

kamikazeechoes 11:11 pm

"I do," Pete says from the bed, not bothering to uncurl from around the pillow. "I want a pair of hot dudes with me when I bathe."

Awkward Turtle 11:13 pm

Patrick nods toward the bath. "So how about it? I'll try to drag Pete off the bed if you start the bath."

kamikazeechoes 11:14 pm

Robert smiles, pecking Pete on the cheek. "He's really drawing out his reward but I guess I can't say no."

Awkward Turtle 11:18 pm

"Yeah, well, we sort of dragged out his punishment a little longer than I usually do," Patrick replies. He return to Pete and holds out a hand for him. "Come on."

kamikazeechoes 11:20 pm

Pete groans as he uncurls and reaches out to Patrick, letting himself be pulled up and into his arms. "So I think might need a massage before you check out."

Awkward Turtle 11:22 pm

"Because apparently getting off twice in one night isn't enough," Patrick says, rolling his eyes and leading Pete to the bathroom.

kamikazeechoes 11:23 pm

Pete grimaces and rolls his shoulders. "No, Patrick, an actual massage. I feel all... weird. Like my limbs don't even want to work."

Awkward Turtle 11:25 pm

Patrick looks at Pete and sighs, pulling him into the bathroom. "We'll see."

kamikazeechoes 11:27 pm

Robert looks up as they walk in, his smile turning to a frown when he sees Pete. "Let me guess, you've strained your muscles from being tied up and left on edge for so long?"

Awkward Turtle 11:29 pm

Patrick looks at Robert and smirks. "You see this a lot?"

kamikazeechoes 11:29 pm

Robert returns the smirk and shakes his head. "Done it a few times."

Awkward Turtle 11:31 pm

"I see." Patrick glances toward the bath. “Is it okay for us to get in?”

kamikazeechoes 11:32 pm

Robert nods, stepping in first and settling back. "Help him in, I'll make sure he doesn't fall."

Awkward Turtle 11:34 pm

Patrick nods, guiding Pete toward the bath, holding him steady.

kamikazeechoes 11:36 pm

Pete looks at the water dubiously then up at Robert's beckoning arms. He hisses and tenses as he gets in, sighing when he can finally curl against Robert's chest.

Awkward Turtle 11:39 pm

Patrick steps in after him, wiggling a little bit at the tight fit, but eventually settles on his side next to Pete.

kamikazeechoes 11:41 pm

Pete sighs as Robert scoops water onto the exposed bits of skin, slowly relaxing. "Best bath ever," he mumbles.

Awkward Turtle 11:43 pm

Patrick smiles, rubbing his fingers into Pete's shoulder blade. "I'm inclined to agree with you on that point."

kamikazeechoes 11:50 pm

Pete stretches into the little space left in the tub, wrapping around Robert and snuggling closer. "I think we're going to need a bigger tub at home too."

Awkward Turtle 11:52 pm

Patrick fits himself behind Pete and kisses along his neck. "I'll look into it."

kamikazeechoes 11:55 pm

Pete sighs, pushing lightly into Patrick's touch. "You're coming too," he says, flicking Robert's nipple and soothing it with his tongue.

Awkward Turtle 11:58 pm

Robert sucks in a breath and nods. Patrick grins into Pete's neck. "And we can also invite anyone else that would like to join us when Robert isn't around, maybe."

kamikazeechoes 12:01 am

"I guess," Pete says petulantly, circling his finger around the nipple. "Or we could get Robert to move in with us so he's never not around." He grins up, stopping his hand. "Want to?"

Awkward Turtle 12:05 am

Robert's eyebrows shoot up. "I would have to put some serious thought into that. Especially since I just me you two today."

kamikazeechoes 12:06 am

"I'm the king of impetuous and rash decisions," Pete declares with a mad smile. "It's how I got Patrick to sing. It's not all bad."

Awkward Turtle 12:08 am

"Well," Robert says slowly, "as good of an outcome that might have had, I do have a family at home to consider."

kamikazeechoes 12:10 am

Pete deflates quickly. "I brought mine with me but that's because it's Ash and Bronx. They love Patrick. Maybe your family will love us too?" He bites his lip hopefully.

Awkward Turtle 12:13 am

Patrick squeezes Pete's hip. "Pete, don't harass him. Let him decide on his own."

kamikazeechoes 12:14 am

Pete nods, settling down again with a yawn. "Fine, I promise I won't. But he's visiting lots."

Awkward Turtle 12:15 am

Robert nods, pouring some water over Pete's shoulder again. "Whenever I can."

kamikazeechoes 12:16 am

Pete squirms his way into the most comfortable position and quickly drifts off.

Awkward Turtle 12:18 am

Patrick hums against Pete's neck, still petting his hip. "We must have worn him out."

kamikazeechoes 12:19 am

"Looks like," Robert agrees, running his fingers through Pete's hair. He pulls a face.

Awkward Turtle 12:21 am

Patrick looks at Robert and frowns. "Are you okay? Sorry about Pete harassing you like that."

kamikazeechoes 12:22 am

"I think his hair might be the most disgusting I've ever touched," Robert says, pulling his hand away. "He does wash it, right?"

Awkward Turtle 12:24 am

"Occasionally," Patrick sighs. "Probably not recently, since I haven't been there to nag him to."

kamikazeechoes 12:26 am

"We should treat him to a spa," Robert's fond smile returns. "He can get his hair washed and a massage."

Awkward Turtle 12:28 am

"If you spoil him, he's going to expect that all the time from you," Patrick warns.

kamikazeechoes 12:30 am

Robert looks down at Pete, who makes a soft noise in his sleep and squirms. "I think I can deal with that."

Awkward Turtle 12:33 am

"Alright," Patrick says with a shrug. He kisses Pete behind the ear.

kamikazeechoes 12:34 am

Pete makes another quiet sound, pressing his ass back into Patrick.

Awkward Turtle 12:36 am

Patrick smirks, kissing the same spot, then letting his tongue dart out to flick at Pete's ear.

kamikazeechoes 12:37 am

Pete whines softly, tightening his grip on Robert with a little moan. He wriggles again, away this time.

Awkward Turtle 12:39 am

Patrick slides in closer, this time only slipping one leg between Pete's.

kamikazeechoes 12:41 am

Pete groans and rocks against Patrick's thigh, slowly blinking awake. "Too soon," he breathes as he leans into Patrick.

Awkward Turtle 12:43 am

"Sorry, baby," Patrick murmurs against Pete's neck. "Couldn't help myself."

kamikazeechoes 12:45 am

Robert caresses Pete's cheek softly. "We can go to my room and sleep. Patrick's bed is a little disgusting."

Awkward Turtle 12:48 am

Patrick nods, humming a little. "That would require standing, though," he sighs. "And likely clothes."

kamikazeechoes 12:49 am

"Robes," Robert corrects, petting Patrick's hip "I also have a bigger bed for when we wake up."

Awkward Turtle 12:51 am

"I like where you're going with that," Patrick says, then nudges Pete. "Are you okay to stand?"

kamikazeechoes 12:52 am

Pete groans and moves closer to Robert. "You should carry me," he mumbles. "You put me through a lot today."

Awkward Turtle 12:53 am

Patrick rolls his eyes. "I'm not carrying you, you wimp," he sighs.

kamikazeechoes 12:54 am

"Then you be the one tied to the bed next time," Pete mutters darkly.

Awkward Turtle 12:55 am

"I tie you to the bed all the time, and you've never been like this until now," Patrick points out.

kamikazeechoes 12:56 am

"Hours," Pete hisses back. "Glorious hours of the sort I'd like to revisit some time but still hours."

Awkward Turtle 12:59 am

"And yet you still have two able legs," Patrick says, running his hand down one such leg. "I'm not carrying you."

kamikazeechoes 1:00 am

Pete bites his lip as the muscles under Patrick's hand twitch. "F-fine, but if I fall and break something, it's totally your fault."

Awkward Turtle 1:02 am

Patrick kisses Pete on the cheek. "You'll be fine." He hauls himself up so he can step out of the tub, reaching for the clean, folded towels.

kamikazeechoes 1:04 am

Pete looks up at Robert, kissing him on the cheek. "You'll be there in the morning, right? We're sort of big on morning sex."

Awkward Turtle 1:06 am

"Of course I will," Robert says with a smirk. "It's my room, after all."

kamikazeechoes 1:07 am

Pete pushes himself up and out of the tub. "You could have had somewhere to be."

Awkward Turtle 1:08 am

Robert shakes his head. "With you two lying in my bed? I think I can find time, no matter where I have to be."

kamikazeechoes 1:10 am

Pete drapes himself over Patrick seductively, smirking back at Robert. "Hmmm, I guess we are kind of a catch, aren't we?"

Awkward Turtle 1:13 am

"You really are," Robert says as he steps out of the tub. "Who knows how I got so lucky?"

kamikazeechoes 1:14 am

"You caught a pair of fanboys," Patrick says with a good-natured roll of his eyes. "Come on."

Awkward Turtle 1:15 am

Robert leans over to let the water out of the tub, then walks over to Patrick to kiss him on the nose. "I've never seen a better-looking pair of fanboys, I'll tell you that."

kamikazeechoes 1:18 am

Patrick blushes, ducking his head to hide his smile. "And such a humble Dom-fanboy to boot," Pete teases as he finally wraps a towel around his waist. "Those are the best."

Awkward Turtle 1:21 am

"I agree," Robert says as he drys off his hair. "Thinking he was a butler may have been the best mistake I've ever made."

kamikazeechoes 1:23 am

"And randomly calling him while he was with you..." Pete sighs happily. "I'm so glad you came here to unwind, Rick."

Awkward Turtle 1:25 am

"Good choices were made all around," Patrick agrees, stepping out of the bathroom to retrieve the robes in the closet.

kamikazeechoes 1:27 am

Pete flops into a chair with a sigh. "They really were. And if there's a short robe, I nominate Patrick to wear it."

Awkward Turtle 1:28 am

Patrick sighs as he brings the robes down. "Just because I'm shorter than you doesn't mean I have to wear the short robe all the time."

kamikazeechoes 1:30 am

"No," Pete admits, leering from his seat, "but the chance to catch a a peek or slip or anything while you're wear it is a pretty good reason."

Awkward Turtle 1:33 am

Patrick blushes and shakes his head. "Well, I don't think there are any sort robes anyway."

kamikazeechoes 1:34 am

"Pity," Robert says, joining Patrick. "It certainly would have been something to see."

Awkward Turtle 1:39 am

Patrick blushes further and hands Robert a robe. "You do realize I've been naked for hours, right? I doubt there's much mystery left."

kamikazeechoes 1:47 am

"We'd find it in no time," Pete assures him, pushing himself out of the chair. He fits himself to Patrick's back, gliding his fingers over his stomach.

Awkward Turtle 1:50 am

Patrick lets out a shakey breath and arches into the touch. "You should probably stop that before I have to walk to Robert's room with a hard-on and nothing but a robe to cover it."

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Continued. :-)



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So here's that Pete/Patrick medieval chatfic that I've been meaning to post for ages! I sort of did a lazy job with the editing, but watever! You guys can deal, right?




Medieval fic! )
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Part of this chatfic was, tragically, lost when my phone decided to hate me. Here's a summary of what happened so far:


A long time ago, Sarah and I were wondering what it would be like if soda was outlawed entirely. We decided that soda sales would go underground, just like alcohol during prohibition. Then we decided Pete would start to run an underground Coke ring, with Ryan Ross and his gang selling Pepsi.


This chatfic started when she told me about a dream she had about Pete and his Coke ring. Apparently MCR was hired by Ryan to get information out of Patrick, so they beat him up in an alley. Patrick didn't talk, but Pete finds him beaten an bloody in the alley, so he calls the hospital in a panic. When he gets there, he calls Gabe and Andy for their assistance in finding who did this to Patrick. He goes in to see Patrick when he's ready and they're talking. This starts after Pete says he wishes they beat up him intead.




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Why do I have to post this in thirds?!? JFC. Ah well. Last part. :-D

Read more... )
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The second half of the Epic Mpreg of Doom, since it's apparently also long enough to break Dreamwidth.

Read more... )

Again, next entry or use the master post.
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Okay, so I lied about this being a sock, sort of. I'm only really posting this here because of LJ and its stupid character limits because this fic is looooooooooong. I mean novella long. As in just shy of a 60k word count long. So here it is, Sarah and my very first (and longest) chatfic. Warnings for a lot of explicit sex, crossdressing and mpreg. I have edited for any spelling mistakes or tense changes, and whatever's left is just something I skipped over on accident, so stop judging me.

Also note that this is UNFINISHED, so if you don't like that, I am sorry.


The video I'm reacting to is here (she said she wanted a Pete/Patrick AU on this video, hence the whole this thing.):


And even though it doesn't really matter, the movie we're talking about is Clash of the Titans.




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Nov. 26th, 2010 09:40 pm
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